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Health Insurance 360 is dedicated to giving health insurance shoppers increased price transparency in health insurance comparisons by utilizing cutting edge Internet technology.

Our mission is to make the task of health insurance shopping efficient, cost-effective, and accessible to all. We seek to pass on cost savings to the insurance shopper by A) Making top health insurance companies compete for the consumer’s business and B) Saving time for the consumer by giving health insurance shoppers a platform with which to easily compare health insurance quotes in a side by side “apples to apples” format.

We do not issue insurance contracts or bind coverage. We do not endorse or recommend any companies or insurance policies, and we do not provide insurance, tax or financial advice. We do not guarantee that any of the insurance agents, brokers and/or companies to whom we forward your application will contact you or agree to provide you coverage. We are not responsible in any way for the conduct of the insurance agents, brokers, discount program representatives and companies that are matched with your on-line application. If you would like personal advice or specific policy recommendations, you should consult with an insurance agent, broker, or other qualified professional.

We will strive to give the health insurance shopper access to the best in health insurance information, health insurance quoting technology, and health insurance resources both through our own efforts and through those of our partners. Use our free quote finder to compare quotes from multiple insurance companies - get started saving money on health insurance now!