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5 Questions To Ask Your Agent Before You Buy Health Insurance

Getting answers to the 5 questions to ask your agent before you buy health insurance listed below will help you to understand what you are buying and put you well on your way to finding a cheap health insurance plan that will meet your needs.

There may be more than 5 questions you need to ask your agent before you buy health insurance, so do take the time you need to make sure that you understand what you are buying before agreeing to anything.

A good agent will not be put off if you need to get these 5 questions (or many more) answered before you buy health insurance from him or her.

#1 What services does the policy cover, and what are the limits for each one?

If you are considering two or more plans, be sure that you have enough information to compare them side by side in terms of services and levels of coverage. Then, you will be able to decide which plan gives you the best coverage for your (and your family's needs).

The types of coverage that a plan should cover include:

  1. Doctor Visits

  2. Emergency Room Care

  3. Surgical Procedures

  4. Hospital Stays (Room and Board)

  5. Laboratory Tests

  6. Prescription Drugs

  7. Preventative Care

Be sure to ask how many doctor visits will be covered throughout the year and how many days of hospital care are included in the plan you are considering. You also want to find out whether certain types of medications are excluded from the plan and whether you need to get approval for certain types of drugs before the plan will pay for them.

#2 How much is the premium and how often do I pay it?

You will want to know how much you need to pay for the health insurance and how often the payments are to be made. Additionally, you will want to find out how long the rate is guaranteed (typically the rate is guaranteed not to change for the first 12 months).

#3 How much is the deductible?

The deductible is a certain amount of money you need to pay before the insurance company will pay any claims on your policy. The higher your deductible, the lower your premiums will be, so it does make sense to be responsible for the cost of some healthcare services yourself.

You also need to be aware that you may have to pay for a certain percentage of the cost of healthcare services yourself after you have paid the amount of the deductible. This is referred to as coinsurance. Ask your agent how much the co-payment and coinsurance are on your policy.

#4 What are the policy exclusions?

The health insurance policy you are considering will not provide coverage for all conditions, and you need to understand what the policy exclusions are. Most policies do not cover pre-existing conditions. There may be a waiting period before the insurance company will cover prenatal care; if you are already pregnant, you should stay with your current insurance provider, it at all possible.

#5 When will my coverage start?

If you already have a health insurance plan in place, don't cancel your existing coverage until you know the new policy is in effect. You may think that because you have given the agent a check, a money order, or a bank draft for your insurance that you are covered, but that is not the case. Your application needs to be reviewed by the insurance company's underwriters before they can make a decision about whether to insure you. Until that decision has been made, you aren't actually covered.

When you are giving a premium payment to your insurance agent, make sure that it is made out the insurance company, not your agent personally. He or she needs to send the payment to the insurance company, along with your application.

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