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7 Steps To Finding Cheaper Health Insurance

This article on 7 steps to finding cheaper health insurance is designed to give you the information you need to find top notch and affordable coverage.  Cheaper health insurance is useless if it doesn’t meet your needs; the 7 steps offered here are meant to meet both of goals of affordability and protection.  When you follow the 7 steps to finding cheaper health coverage, you will be able to evaluate the quotes you receive with solid data and a good understanding of the policies.

Step 1: Know Your Needs

Before you ever start shopping you need to know what type of coverage you need.  You should consider your own heath needs and your past health needs.  You need to think about things like if you need vision and dental coverage or about what prescription coverage you need.  Be sure to map out exactly what you need as far as coverage is concerned and you can be well on your way to finding cheaper medical insurance. 

Step 2: Understand The Difference Between Group And Individual Coverage

For the average, healthy person individual insurance will be the cheapest choice.  With group coverage you are paying a premium based upon the general risk of the whole group, which could include people with serious health issues or those who simply are more expensive to insure.  With individual coverage you are only paying for your risk, so it can be cheaper if you are healthy.

Step 3: Understand The Costs

Premiums are not the only costs involved in insurance.  You will also need to look at the deductible and the co-pays.  If you pay smaller premiums, but get a huge deductible, then you could end up paying more in the end.

Step 4: Know Your Options

You should brush up on the different plans that are available.  Understand what the difference is between an HMO and a PPO.  Figure out what type of plan works best for you.  Ask yourself:

  1. Is it more important to stay with a single provider, or reap the cost benefits of a managed plan?

  2. Are there providers for my needs and in a convenient location?

  3. Do I have any pre-existing conditions that will affect my coverage?

You may need to simply find out the basics about the type of insurance plans available.  Then you can look into what each company offers as far as that type of plan is concerned.  Just make sure you know the key differences in each plan.

Step 5: Evaluate Whether You Need Optional Coverage

You will want to consider if you need optional coverage’s, like dental, vision, prescription and hospitalization.  Not choosing these coverage options could help to lower your overall cost. Consider the following:

  1. Do I have children who need special dental or vision care?

  2. Do I need maternity coverage?

  3. Do I want to pay extra for Doctor office visit copays?

Think through your choices carefully.  Make sure it is smart to go without coverage and that you can afford to cover any needs out of your own pocket if they are to arise.

Step 6: Shop Around

Shopping around may seem simple enough, but there is a right and wrong way to do it.  When you are shopping around you need to make sure you are getting all the details.  Make sure you compare plans from different companies that are the same type of plan.  Any variances could mean a big difference in cost. 

Also make sure that you give the same information on all applications so everything is accurate.  Sometimes it can be confusing when filling out applications and you may accidentally give information that is not accurate.  This can lead to quotes that are not correct.

Step 7: Get Lots Of Different Quotes

The final step is to get quotes. You want to get quotes from a range of companies so you can compare them and get the best deal.  The easiest way to do this is through our quote tool where you can enter your information one time and get multiple quotes from various providers.

You will eliminate the problem of possibly giving different information to providers and you will be able to specify what exactly you are looking for in a plan.  It is simple to use and takes only moments to get the information you need.

Why not follow the 7 steps to finding cheaper health insurance and start with a free health insurance quote comparison right now?