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Cheap Individual Health Insurance

While many websites now make it simpler to find cheap individual health insurance plans, there can be a lot of information to process.  With all of the options out there with types of plans and some only covering certain benefits, it can become very confusing to know which individual health insurance plan is right for you, and if a cheap policy is still available that will fit your needs.  This article will arm you with the knowledge to know what to look for so that you can have both a cheap individual health insurance plan as well as one that meets your needs.

Basics Of Finding Cheap Individual Health Insurance

It is probably going to be hard to find a cheap health insurance policy when you are unsure what you need or even what to search for.  Let’s go over the basics of health insurance for individuals. First, there are different types of policies that connect with different providers.  In other words, some types of policies lend more flexibility of which physician or specialist you will be covered to see while others let you choose any medical provider you like.

  • The first type of health care policy is called a Health Maintenance Organization, or commonly referred to as an HMO.  This organization compiles a specific network of doctors for you to see and assigns you a primary care physician.  For most situations, you are required to get a referral from your PCP to be able to see another health care provider.  However, it charges a pre-determined flat fee for the policy. If you choose to go to a specialist or medical facility that is not a part of the HMO’s network then you will not receive any coverage.

  • The second type of health care policy is called a Preferred Provider Organization, or a PPO.  This organization allows you to choose to stay in-network of health care providers and have a lower co pay or deductible, or go out-of-network to a different doctor of your choice but with larger payments on your part.  It offers more flexibility than an HMO, but as a result can sometimes cost more.

  • Another common type of plan is called Point of Service, or a POS, and sounds just like it is.  In this plan you are able to choose at the point of service whether you want to use your benefits like an HMO or PPO.  For example, you may decide that you would like to use a provider outside of network, so you opt for PPO out-of-network benefits. POS plans can vary greatly in how they work specifically depending on the insurer so be sure that you understand the ins and outs of how your company’s POS plans work.

There are other types of insurance policies, but these are the basics you will see in terms of provider networks.  As always, you must assess what treatments you typically need.  If your range of physicians may constrict you within an HMO, or you simply don’t want the hassle of a referral, you may opt for the PPO.  Again, it should always be based on your individual health insurance needs.

Benefits Of Cheap Individual Health Insurance Plans

Once you have decided what type of plan to purchase, you will need to assess the benefits it comes with.  Here are some benefits to watch for:

  • Prescription Drug Benefits:  Do they have a mail away program, a separate deductible, or a co payment?

  • Deductible:  Out of pocket expense before most benefits kick in.

  • Optional Benefits:  Maternity, dental, life insurance, accident coverage, etc.

  • Office Visits:  Do the co payments kick in before or after the deductible (typically the copay is separate from the deductible)?  How many are you allowed per year?  As always, assess your personal needs and match them up to the benefits offered.

  • Preventative Care: Does the plan cover routine checkups, mammograms, pap smears, prostate exams, colonoscopies, etc.?

These are only a few benefits to consider when choosing a company.  Always remember to figure out what is benefits will be necessary for you, and then compare multiple insurance companies to find the one with those benefits for the best price.

How To Get Cheap Individual Health Insurance

There are multiple factors that determine the price of your insurance.  The location you are in, and thus the average medical prices of your area, is one of the major factors in determining your policy premium.  However here are a few things you can control which will help you find the cheapest individual health insurance plan:

  1. Stay Healthy!  Insurance companies figure your premium based on your height vs. weight, if you smoke, and your medical history.  If there wasn’t a reason to get fit before, here is one now: it could very well drastically lower your health insurance premiums.

  2. Use The InternetThe Internet has become an ally in the increasing insurance premium wars.  By allowing us to compare by using the tools our site provides as well as other comparison sites, it gives side by side evaluations of competing companies.  In addition, it is beginning to provide competition to a much needed regulated industry.

  3. Raise Your DeductibleBy raising your deductible, you lower your monthly premium.

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