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Cheap Life And Health Insurance

Shopping for health insurance and life insurance can be a challenge at times.  Finding the coverage you want and/or need is time consuming and sometimes confusing.  Finding affordable or even cheap life and health insurance coverage that fits into your budget can be even more difficult, depending on the coverage you want and need. 

No one expects the worst to happen, but it’s best to be prepared, and that preparation will give you and your family some peace of mind. Many insurance companies sell both types of insurance, often even giving you a discount when you purchase both policies through them.  Multiple policy discounts help take some of the stress off the pocket book and make it easier to find cheap Life And Health insurance.

To save yourself from having to enter in your information over and over again just use our free life and health insurance quote tool at the top of the page. Enter your information in just one time and then compare life insurance and health insurance quotes from competing insurance companies side by side online.

Cheap Life And Health Insurance: Health Insurance

Health insurance is the best way to protect yourself in the event of major illness or accident.  Medical bills can add quickly in a short amount of time causing financial ruin.  Excessive medical bills are one of the top reasons people end up filing for bankruptcy.  

Different Types Of Health Insurance Coverage

  • Indemnity Policy or “Fee for Service” Policy– This is probably the most common type of health insurance policy.  You pay for your services up front and then the insurance company reimburses you for all or part of the bill.

  • HMO – HMO’s are often referred to as managed health care plans.  Health Maintenance Organizations require you to pay a flat fee each month for your health care no matter how much or how little you use it.  Choice of doctors is very limited and often HMO’s have their own clinics and hospitals where they employ their own doctors.

  • PPO – Preferred Provider Organization.  A PPO allows almost as much flexibility as indemnity policies.   You get to choose your own doctor and don’t need a referral to see a specialist.  PPO policies have secured contracts with a wide range of doctors who are referred to as being in network.  When you see an in network doctor you costs are much lower and you aren’t subject to deductibles.  For out of network doctors the insurance company will pay a portion, but not the entire bill.

  • POS – Point of Service.  The idea behind the POS is to keep health costs down by encouraging people to use their doctor instead of an emergency room and promote the use of generic prescriptions.  Those who sign on for a PPO are provided a list of doctors to select a primary care physician from. They must get referrals for specialists, but the referrals need not be to in-network doctors. In this way POS is a mix of PPO and HMO.

Cheap Life And Health Insurance: Life Insurance

The purpose of life insurance is to provide for your family in case the worst should happen.  It’s not something any of us like to think about, but have you considered how your family would financially survive if something were to happen to you?  That is where life insurance comes into play.

Term Life Insurance vs. Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is expensive, costing thousands of dollars a year, and your insurance company will invest your funds for you.  Whole life insurance will follow you until you cancel the policy.  On the other hand, term life insurance is relatively cheap, only costing a few hundred dollars a year.  Term life insurance can be bought for 10, 20 or 30 years depending on what you need.  If you have a new mortgage you may want 30 year term life insurance to make sure that your house is paid off in the event of your death.  You can also set up your term life insurance to make sure that your children have the money to go to college and that the funds for debts and health insurance premiums are available for your family.

Companies That Provide Both Cheap Life And Health Insurance

A partial listing of insurance companies that provide both cheap health insurance and cheap life insurance benefits include:

Mega Life and Health




Sierra Life And Health

United American

Pride Pacific


ALTA Life And Health


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