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Free Health Insurance

One thing that Americans are yearning for in this at times costly economy is free health insurance.  The cost of health insurance is through the stratosphere.  What consumers don’t even realize is that we are not the only ones pleading for help with the enormous expense of health care, but doctors are taking losses and paying large fees for malpractice insurance. 

Whenever anyone uses the term free, they know that they are going to attract attention.  There is such thing as free health insurance, but most are considered programs because they are federal or state sponsored and mandated.  One thing to remember though; with anything free, there are conditions. Beware of free health insurance and those conditions. Search carefully though and you may just find very cheap health insurance for you and your family.

Read on to see if you, your children, or other members of your family may qualify for free health care. Regardless of what you find out; you can still potentially save a great deal of money by using our free health insurance quote finder at the top of the page to comparison shop rates from competing insurance companies. Make sure that you find the best value in health insurance!

Free Health Insurance: The Loss Of The Boss’s Matching Dollar

State governments have seen the decrease in companies offering a matching dollar or percentage toward employee health insurance.  Group health insurance is usually offered by employers; however now it is almost exclusive to big companies and Fortune Five Hundred conglomerates. 

Michigan and Hawaii have the highest level of employer based health insurance.  The highest percentage in 2005-2006 was 51%.  The business world is changing in that big companies and Fortune Five Hundred companies only make up a little over 5% of the businesses in the United States.  The rest are small to medium sized businesses. 

Couple that fact with the fact that a lot of big businesses are moving abroad and many Americans believe that we have a crisis situation. 

Free Health Insurance: Low Income Families And Kids Reap The Benefits

State governments have been forced to step in to assist the people of its state.  Ohio is a prime example with factories moving overseas.  Most of the programs offered are geared toward low income families and kids.  Medicare helps a lot with retirees’ health care. 

Then there is Medicaid available to those who receive government assistance.  Most state program prerequisites are limited to those who are at least 200% below the poverty level, or the working poor as this group of people have been identified.  These free health insurance programs are state funded by tax dollars. 

Free Health Insurance: State And Federal Programs Offering Healthcare Options

Like Ohio, many other states saw the need to help its residents who were struggling to provide health care to their families.  A nationwide effort was established by the Department of Health and Human Services.  These programs are geared specifically for kids, and low income families. 

You can plug in your state and find the Free Health Insurance Program for your family if you qualify.   Then there are services available through sub agencies of the Department of Health and Human Service like (HRSA)Health Resources Services Administration.  A lot of these programs fall under the SCHP (State Children’s Health Insurance Program). 

Some of these programs may be recognizable if you live in these states:

Georgia – Peach Care for Kids   

Michigan – MI Child 

Florida – Kid Care     

New York – Healthy New York 

Idaho – Idaho Child      

North Carolina – NC Health Choice

Indiana – Hoosier Healthwise    

Ohio – Health Start Healthy Families 

Maryland – Children’s Health Programs   

Virginia – FAMIS    

Maine – Cub Care

New Mexico – New MexiKids

This is just to name a few of the programs.  These are programs that reach out to the homeless population as well.

Free Health Insurance: Cover The Uninsured Week April 27th – May 3rd 2008

People are making their voices heard when it comes to the health crisis brewing in America.  Over 47 million Americans are without health care and many of them are children.  The Cover the Uninsured Week initiative has been spearheaded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

This effort has been an annual event since 2003.  A nationwide list of activities and enrollment efforts will be taking place throughout the week around the nation.  Thousands of events will take place on college campuses, at churches, health centers and hospitals to raise awareness about the need for Free Health Insurance options for those in need. 

Community and business organizations, agencies and health providers are sponsoring this effort and should be recognized:

W. K. Kellogg Foundation      American Hospital Association
The California Endowment   Americas Health Insurance Plan
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association Families USA
National Alliance for Hispanic Health  American Nurses Association
Service Employees International Union American Medial Association
Catholic Health Association of the U.S. National Medical Association
Federation of American Hospitals     United Way
AARP (Am. Assoc. for Retired Persons)  Health Care Leadership Council
AFL CIO         US Chamber of Commerce   

Free Health Insurance: The Platform For The 2008 Presidential Candidacy

Many Americans believe that whoever wins the primaries of the 2008 Presidential Election had better step up to the platform armed with a solution to the rapidly rising health care costs.  Some Americans believe that the plan should be a national health care plan and preferably a free health insurance plan if at all possible while others believe in a free market approach to bringing health care costs in check.

So far, each of the candidates has something to offer.  No one has said anything about it being free though.  The Democratic candidates Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama have a plan that would require purchasing health insurance; although, they pledge to make it affordable for every family.  Republican Senator, John McCain pledges to control health care spending which he believes is the culprit. 

Free Health Insurance For The Middle Class

The middle class is bringing home a leaner check after insurance deductions.  There are some who say 10% of take home pay is being spent on health care. Then there are experts who say as much as 17% of take home pay are being spent on health care by some Americans.  Some Americans are calling for the SCHIP for the middle class.  At the very least the children of this group will be covered. 

Let’s face it, nothing is free.  Politicians are apprehensive about being too proactive in managing a national plan.  It borders on slipping away from democracy into a socialist situation. 

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