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How To Find Inexpensive Health Insurance Coverage

It is important to learn how to find inexpensive health insurance coverage, even though it can be hard to do.  You don’t want to be stuck spending out too much on your health insurance coverage.  Find out how to choose inexpensive health insurance coverage through careful shopping and understanding all the options available. 

Getting coverage that is both inexpensive and suits your needs is possible by comparing a few quotes. Remember your family’s health insurance needs will change over time and health insurance rates are constantly changing.

It can pay off to compare quotes from multiple companies to make sure that you continue to have the best value in health insurance.

How To Find Inexpensive Health Insurance Coverage: Group vs. Individual

If you are employed then you will have two options for health insurance coverage.  You can choose to go with your employer’s group health insurance plan or buy your own individual health insurance plan.  In order to make the best choice you need to understand each option.

Group Coverage – Insurance through your employer is usually quite convenient.  You will not have to shop around for it and it can take away all the stress of thinking about how to find inexpensive health insurance coverage.  However, group insurance is usually more costly to you then individual insurance because the insurer is required to include everyone, even those considered high risk, when calculating the rates. (Unless of course, your employer offers to pay the cost of your premiums then it’s a no brainer – accept the group health insurance coverage!)

Additionally, group plans have select enrollment periods which are the only times you can make changes to your policy.  However, group insurance is usually less restrictive as to who they offer coverage, meaning if you have a pre-existing health condition than it may be your best bet to receive coverage.

Individual Coverage – Individual coverage is often more affordable than group coverage.  Usually it is 1/3 to ½ less than the costs of group coverage.  However, individual coverage is usually restrictive and often has many requirements that you must pass in order to be accepted under the plan.  When you are trying to learn how to find inexpensive health insurance coverage, individual insurance is usually what you are shopping for, especially if you are in good health.

How To Find Inexpensive Health Insurance Coverage: Understanding The Factors That Influence Cost

Knowing the factors that an insurance company uses to determine if you are a good candidate is important. They are as follows:

  1. Weight – Companies want people who are at a healthy weight since weight plays into general health.

  2. Smoking – Smoking has been linked with many health problems, which means if you smoke than you are risky for the insurance company.

  3. Family History – Many health problems are genetic and therefore if you have a strong family history of health problems then you may not be a favored candidate.

  4. Previous Medical History – Your previous medical conditions are going to be important.  If your history shows a trend or other factors that could lead to more medical problems in the future then this could be a reason you would get denied.

  5. Lifestyle – Some health insurance companies assign higher rates to individuals who ride a motorcycle, bungee jump, or participate in other so called “high risk” activities.

These are not the only factors that a company will use to judge if they should cover you or not, but they highlight the main factors that most companies do use.  This is important to know when you are learning how to find inexpensive health insurance coverage.

By knowing the factors you can minimize how risky you are.  You can not change your past or your family history, but you can change some things that could look bad against you and either gets you denied for coverage or cause higher rates.

How To Find Inexpensive Health Insurance Coverage: Changing Lifestyle Habits

You now know that shopping for health insurance coverage means that you are shopping for individual plans, which can be restrictive.  In order to give you the most options in coverage you will need to take a good look at your lifestyle habits and possibly make some changes so that you are more desirable to the insurance companies.

Some of the top things that get people denied coverage are things that you have control over.  Here are some lifestyle changes you can make so that you are a better candidate:

  1. Stop smoking.

  2. Start exercising.

  3. Eat healthier.

  4. Get regular check ups and physicals.

  5. Drink alcohol only in moderation.

These changes can really help you to be healthier and therefore be someone the insurance company will be more interested in offering coverage to at an affordable cost.  In many cases when you have a lot of risk factors you will pay for that in high premiums and deductibles.

How To Find Inexpensive Health Insurance Coverage: Shop Around And Compare Rates

The best way you can learn how to find inexpensive health insurance coverage is by shopping around.  Shopping around means you check out various companies.  You should check out different coverage options as well.  You want to get as much information as possible before making your final decision as to which company you are going to choose.  This will help you see all the options and choose the best coverage and the best company for the most affordable price.

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