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How To Keep Your Health Insurance Cost To A Minimum

So that your family can maintain a health care plan, it is important to do your research so that you can keep your health insurance cost to a minimum.   We still have the freedom of choice in this country.  We can detail and customize our health insurance just like we do most other things in the advanced technological age we live in.  By being informed about coverage options in health insurance, you can keep your cost to a minimum, and still offer your family the protection they need.

How To Keep Your Health Insurance Cost To A Minimum: Group Plans And Individual Plans

Logically speaking may people assume that the best way to find cheap health insurance is to purchase a group plan instead of an individual plan.  We usually save when we invest as a group.  This may not be true in regards to your health insurance policy. The average group health insurance costs is around $12,000 per year.  Individuals pay an average health insurance cost of $4,500 per year for an individual health insurance plan. 

Remember, that when you are lumped together with a group for health insurance that your rates are increased by the highest risk members of the group. So if you are relatively healthy then it may be in your best interest to look at individual policy rates.

The group plan applies to companies with over 200 employees.  Trade organizations and Associations offer group rates as well.  Smaller companies have better options to offer employees if they are creative.  Those include plans like:

  • HSA Plans – Health Savings Acct. Network 

  • Purchase Individual plans as a small group – share the risk

  • Purchase less comprehensive plan and add supplemental option for accidents

  • HRA Plans – Health Reimbursement Plan

How To Keep Your Health Insurance Cost To A Minimum: Individual Plan Options

With individual health plan options you just need to know your insurance needs.  Unless you have kids you can save money by:

  • Paying cash for services/Prepaid

  • Short term plans

  • Discount Plans (vision, dental, prescriptions, medical)

  • Retail Health Clinics (Wal-Mart, CVS, Kroger)

  • State programs based on income

  • Walk-in Clinics (Patient First, Immediate Care)

Individual plans may be purchased for families as well.  Families can save money by utilizing options like:

  • Utilizing teaching hospitals (dental schools)

  • Subsidized or State sponsored program

  • Subsidized Kid Programs/Adults go with discount plan

  • Retail Health Clinics for common ailments (flu shots, ear infections, allergies)

  • High deductible options

      How To Keep Your Health Insurance Cost To A Minimum: State Sponsored Health Insurance Plans

Often people who work for a living think that the only subsidized program that helps with keeping health insurance costs at a minimum applies to people on government assistance or Medicaid.  These programs are based on the Medicaid concept, but each state has its own program name.  The guidelines are usually based on income 200-250% of the poverty rate.  A lot of the programs are simply based on income. 

Other Ways To Lower Your Health Insurance Costs

These are alternative ways to keep your health insurance cost to a minimum:

  • Holistic remedies

  • Vitamins

  • Use generic medicines whenever possible

  • Use (OTC) over-the-counter remedies

  • Barter for services

Holistic remedies are great alternatives to going to the doctor’s office for common conditions.  Sea salt does wonders for congestion and does not require FDA (Food and Drug Administration approval. 

Vitamins are another story.  One should educate themselves before ingesting any substance that hasn’t been tested or studied.  Although most vitamins are natural, one can actually overdose on vitamin A. 

Over the counter remedies should be discussed with a physician first.   You should know if you have any allergies to over-the-counter drugs like aspirin.  Some services may be bartered for with physicians.  This is not a common practice, but costs for services are not etched in stone. 

  Keep Your Health Insurance Cost To A Minimum: Prevention

The ultimate way to keep your health insurance costs as low as possible is by preventive measures.  As long as you are health you options are plenty and your premiums will be low.  Once you begin to have health problems, you start to have problems getting Health Insurance.   Expenses start to rise.  Prescriptions become a monthly expense. 

Here are some preventive measures to take to head off health problems:

  1. Lose weight if overweight

  2. Exercise dental hygiene (brush, floss)

  3. Exercise regularly

  4. Get regular check-ups (physicals, mammograms, pap smears, prostate exams, etc.)

  5. Stress management exercise

  6. Eat a sensible diet

  7. Chiropractic and massage therapy

Unless we take control of our individual health, costs will continue to rise despite our best efforts.  The key is education and prevention. 

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