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How To Save Money By Buying Health Insurance Online

The Internet has shown us how to save money by buying health insurance online; simply utilize our free rate finding tool to compare and save!  There is no easy answer to finding how to save money, but by buying health insurance online, it provides convenience and variety to help find the best-priced policy. 

If you are part of the 41% of Americans that no longer receive health insurance through an employer, using the Internet to purchase health insurance will help you immensely.  This article will review the basics of purchasing good health insurance coverage, and best of all, how to save money by buying health insurance online.

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How To Save Money By Buying Health Insurance Online: What To Search For

An important part of saving money on health insurance is understanding which plan to purchase.  Many times people purchase plans that prohibit them from seeing the physicians they need or the plans include unnecessary insurance that doesn’t pertain to their specific needs.  Let’s start by going over which plans are offered and how to utilize the Internet to find the best one for you.

  1. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO): This organization allows more flexibility over an HMO in choosing which health care provider or physician you would like to see.  However, by going to a physician within your network, you get lower co-payments and deductibles charged and thus save more money.

  1. Health Maintenance Organization (HMO): This organization will typically have a lower pre-paid fee, but you will have covered access to only certain physicians.  The HMO requires that you find a primary care physician (PCP) and then that physician will have to give you a referral to see specialists.  The trade-off with this particular type of coverage is money savings for flexibility with who you can see and still be covered.

  1. Point of Service Plans (POS): This gives you the best of both worlds by allowing you to choose at the time of service whether you opt for going out-of-network to see a specific physician (and pay more money out of pocket) or stay within your network and pay lower premiums.

Once you have determined what type of plan will fit your needs, you must evaluate what your health insurance needs include.  Do you need maternity care, dental insurance, vision care, prescription drug benefits, multiple office visits to your doctor a year, or just basic coverage?  The most important factor in saving money online comes down to finding a policy that includes all the benefits specific to you and your family’s needs.

Tips On How to Save Money By Buying Health Insurance Online

Most health insurance websites don’t save you money by giving you additional discounts, but they do offer the same prices that the insurance companies offer.  Because health insurance premiums are required to be filed with the state, the websites that offer comparisons are able to match those prices. Health insurance premiums are set by the insurance company and regulated by the State's Department of Insurance.

You cannot get a cheaper rate depending upon where or whom you but the insurance from. However, you can save money by comparing rates from as many different insurance companies as possible so as to find the best value. This is where comparison shopping for health insurance online can be a great help to you - and to your wallet!

So how does this save you money?  It allows you to see the big picture of what your health insurance will cost.  Instead of calling one insurance company to get a quote or going through your local agent, you are able to look at each of the leading insurers and determine who has the best price for the best coverage.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while comparing policies on the Internet:

  • Don’t purchase unnecessary coverage.  If a baby isn’t in your future, make sure maternity coverage isn’t included in your price!

  • If you don’t have specific doctors you need to see, save money in many instances by joining an HMO.

  • As always, stay healthy!  If you are smoking, quit.  If you overweight, lose the excess weight.  Sounds simple right?

  • Save money on prescriptions by buying generic.  Another great way is by purchasing a policy that offers mail away prescription drugs, which will always save you money.

How To Save Money By Buying Health Insurance Online: Start Now

This article showed you how to save money by buying health insurance online by outlining what types of plans to look for, but most importantly, how to save money by comparing policies for health insurance online.  Start comparing policies and saving money by using our free cheap health insurance finder at the top of the page immediately!