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Low Cost Health Insurance

Low cost health insurance is available; if you know where to look. The answer is not the same for everyone but for those health insurance shoppers who are in the know they may be able to dramatically lower the cost of their monthly premiums.

The key in searching for low cost health insurance is to find a policy that is both affordable and comprehensive. As the saying goes, “All health insurance is the same UNTIL you actually need it.” Buying health insurance on price alone can be a dangerous move. The goal should be to find a health insurance plan that is low cost but also has full major medical coverage.

Generally speaking, you will want to choose an insurance company that is well known and reputable – not some small, “fly by night” company that you have never heard of. The insurance company need not be nationwide to be a good company but that is definitely a good sign. The purchasing power of a company with a large base of plan participants is worth taking into consideration because the larger a company is the more discounts it is able to negotiate for its members with hospitals, physicians and other large medical service companies due to the strength of its purchasing power.

Beware of companies that espouse choosing health discount plans and discount cards. A discount card can be a great thing and as mentioned previously many insurance companies offer discounts for their members. However, a discount is NOT a replacement for true health insurance it is simple a nice supplement or added benefit to a true health insurance plan.

For example, if you see an offer for a medical discount plan that offers a discount of 30% then that is great but when you receive a medical bill for a broken arm or even worse something more serious like cancer then a discount of 30% on a bill of $100,000 or even higher is not a whole lot of consolation. Many discount cards are scams marketed to unsuspecting consumers by unscrupulous agents that are out to make a quick buck. Try doing a quick search in any of the major search engines for discount health plan warning and see all of the results that you get from government websites warning of the dangers of discount health plans.

Low cost health insurance is available to many who will simply do the research and explore the options available to them. Compare free health insurance quotes from top companies side by side now!