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Low Income Health Insurance

Health care provider businesses and those related are heeding the call for help with the health care crisis by either contributing to, or offering low income health insurance. 

Many government agencies, community outreach programs, as well as university medical departments are also answering the call for low income health insurance. 

Eligibility Criteria For A Low Income Health Insurance Plan

Eligibility varies from state to state.  A rule of thumb would be income up to 200% below the poverty line.  That translates into a family of 4 making around $42k per year, or a family of 3 at $34k per year.  Numbers closer to that percentage are usually too high for Medicaid, the medical assistance program attached to the government. Low income health insurance may be the only option for a lot of people. 

How To Obtain Low Income Health Insurance

In addition to online information or a phone call, there are usually clinics and health care centers, affiliated with state hospitals that do financial screenings to determine eligibility.

There are only a few things needed to see if you qualify:

     * Proof of residence                  * Proof of Income      * Bank Statements                    * Utility Bills

The Department of Health and Human Services offers information for each state on where to get Low Income Heath Insurance.  Sometimes it behooves a family to consider piecing a plan together or going an alternative route such as:

  1. Short Term Plan

  2. Discount Plan (Prescription, Dental, Vision)

  3. Individual Plan

  4. Plan with Group Discounts

  5. High Deductible Plan

Expect To Pay A Lot Less For Low Income Health Insurance Options

The price of the low income health insurance options selected for your family will depend on many factors.  You can expect to maybe pay a third of what you pay on a group policy at the bare minimum and sometimes much much less than that.

Some people are under the impression that if you are with a group, the premiums would be less.  You would think the more people contributing to the pool, the less the premiums; however, there are only certain groups who receive major premium discounts.

Typically, individual health insurance will be much cheaper than group health insurance and low income health insurance will be much cheaper still. As always, in order to find cheap health insurance that will best fit the needs of your family be sure and compare multiple options from multiple companies and programs before you make a decision.

Low Income Health Insurance: Be Sure You Have The Lowest Health Insurance Costs Available To You

The best way to be sure you have the best rate possible for your family is to research, research, and research some more.  The Internet would provide the most options to choose from. You may try calling some of the health centers in your community to see if you qualify for a state or an organization sponsored program.  Some of these programs are income based.  Each state stipulates the maximum income qualification; therefore, you could qualify and not even be aware. 

Sponsors Of Low Income Health Insurance

State agencies and health care providers sponsor most low income health insurance.  There have been others trying to make a difference.  Large business organizations and community organizations can not be counted out.  Even some employers have pooled limited resources together to make a difference.   Eventually, despite the best efforts, money becomes scarce at some point.

State leaders have studied cities whose health care plans seem to be working, only to determine that lack of finances to support the program eventually became a huge problem.  Minnesota, the healthiest state in the nation during the nineties, demonstrated a successful income based program.  Minnesota Cares was the name of the program that charged the average family around $22 per month for health care with reasonable co-pays for doctor visits, prescriptions, dental and vision.  This figure is based on income. 

Low Income Health Insurance: How The Systems Are Holding Up

Eventually funding became a problem.  That was a good model.  New York had a great program that sustained itself for a while.  Although they may be struggling, Minnesota’s, MinnesotaCare, the new name, is surviving despite the financial struggles.  As a matter of fact, they have added a family planning demonstrative project to decrease the number of unintended pregnancies.  New York’s Attorney General, Cuomo just issued subpoenas to major insurance companies for possibly costing New Yorkers hundreds of millions of dollars fraudulently.  Those subpoenas were issued to:

* Cigna   * WellPoint  * United Healthcare  * Aetna  * Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Those listed are not the only companies subpoenaed.  These companies are using a system that they collectively own to determine reimbursement rates to consumers.  Sounds like a situation that may involve conflict of interest. 

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