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Children's Health Insurance

Children’s health insurance is extremely important. In fact, some parents will seek children’s health insurance and will not even cover themselves on a policy. Of course, a parent can often leave their child unprotected by going without health insurance for the parents too in case the parents become ill and get hit with a large medical bill that puts the whole family’s financial future in jeopardy. It is for this reason that many parents opt for a family health insurance plan that offers coverage for everyone in the family.

The government has gotten involved in children’s health insurance to make sure that no child goes without health coverage due to their family’s finances. Having health insurance for your children’s needs will often make a huge difference in terms of getting preventative healthcare, having regular checkups and even going to the doctor when needed.

The availability and low-cost of children’s health insurance make it something that no family with kids should be without.

Reasons No Kid Should Be Without Children’s Health Insurance

Since it is so important for children to receive healthcare, no child should be without some form of health insurance. Healthy children learn better, behave better, are better citizens and become better adults; therefore every child needs health insurance, be it private, group or state-funded. Below are more reasons no child should be without health insurance.

  1. Prices are very reasonable for most children’s health insurance policies. Some are even free.

  2. Vaccinations early in life can prevent serious diseases that can be life threatening or life altering. Without health insurance, children often do not get these vaccinations.

  3. Children need to see the doctor for well-child visits regularly, in order to make sure they are on track developmentally. If they are not on schedule, there are many things that can be done to help them, if the problem is caught in time.

  4. Health insurance will facilitate visits to the doctor; therefore illnesses can be treated before they become serious or prevented altogether.

  5. There are state-funded children’s health insurance plans that provide free or very low-cost health coverage, if your family income is below a certain level.

  6. You may encounter other social problems if your child does not have minimum health care. For instance, most schools require documentation of a physical done by a doctor and current immunization records for children before they enter school or even pre-school and daycare. The same things are needed for your child to play on sports teams. If you cannot provide these things you may need to keep your child at home.

  7. If you think that regular doctor visits are expensive, the cost of major medical care and hospitalization due to not having had preventative care can be enormously pricey. Major medical bills of this sort can be detrimental to a family’s finances and is often a leading cause of bankruptcy.

Things Covered By A Children’s Health Insurance Policy

Though every plan is slightly different, most health insurance companies will offer the same basic coverage on their children’s plans. Below is a list of the things that are usually covered.

  1. Doctor’s visits

  2. Hospitalizations

  3. Prescription Medication

  4. Vaccinations

  5. Emergency Care

Many plans even include dental and vision coverage.

Where To Find Children’s Health Insurance Plans

When looking for health insurance for your child, there are many options available. You should fully investigate all your options. It is very easy to get quotes on health insurance plans for children and the government has also made it very easy to apply for state-funded programs. You can use this list of options for finding children’s health insurance to begin.

  1. Adding the child to the parent’s policy, if one exists;

  2. Group insurance may be available through workplaces, churches or other groups;

  3. Private individual and family insurance can be purchased through health care insurers very affordably, even more so than group insurance rates;

  4. State-funded programs, put in place to ensure that all children have health insurance;

  5. Medicaid

Types Of Children’s Health Insurance Available

As with regular health insurance, there are a variety of children’s health insurance plans available on the market. It is important to understand the features and limitations of each in order to make a good choice concerning your child’s health insurance needs.

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO): An HMO is a relatively inexpensive health insurance plan, but it is also the most restrictive. You need to select a primary care physician (PCP) from a list of providers that work for the HMO. The PCP will oversee all your healthcare needs and you will need referrals from him or her before seeking specialist care. Healthcare expenses that are not from HMO providers are ineligible, as are healthcare costs for things that have not received pre-approval from the PCP.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO): A PPO offers much more flexibility, but has higher premiums. You are given a list of preferred providers that are referred to as in-network. If you use these healthcare providers, you will be eligible for the maximum coverage your plan allows. However, you can use out-of-network providers and there is still coverage but at a reduced percentage. You do not need referrals to see specialists with a PPO.

Point of Service (POS): A POS plan is a combination of both HMO and PPO.  You choose a primary care physician like an HMO, but if you choose to see a specialist who is out-of-network, you can. However, the visit will be covered at a lower rate, like the PPO plan.

Fee-for-Service: This is the traditional type of plan with the biggest flexibility available. You can seek care from any healthcare provider you choose, pay the bill yourself, submit a claim and be reimbursed the agreed upon percentage minus your deductible.

State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP): This is a Federally sponsored and State administered children’s health insurance program for children under the age of 18. Specifics vary from state to state so be sure and contact a local health insurance agent for details on your state’s plan.

Companies That Offer Children’s Health Insurance Coverage

Practically any health insurance company will offer children only health insurance. Here is a list of some of the top children’s health insurance providers:


Assurant Health

Blue Cross Blue Shield


Golden Rule

Health Partners


Kaiser Permanente


Midwest Security

Security Life


Vista Health

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The Importance Of Having Health Insurance For Children

Everyone should have a comprehensive major medical health insurance plan that will cover their medical expenses in the event of an emergency. Even one step further, every child especially should have adequate health insurance coverage. There are many different sources of low cost health insurance and even free health insurance from various Federal government programs, State sponsored programs, and private health insurance companies.

Federal Government Programs For Children’s Health Insurance

InsureKidsNow.gov is a national initiative that links families with children up to low cost insurance programs. The program is as mentioned above a national initiative but it is administered on the state level and varies in the specifics from state to state. There are different eligibility criteria from state to state but here are some of the most common requirements:

1. The child must be under the age of 18. 2. The family’s income must be below $34,100 (for a family of 4). 3. Coverage must be renewed periodically (usually every 6 or 12 months).

State Government Programs For Children’s Health Insurance

Depending on your state of residence there are often multiple programs that you can investigate to obtain health insurance for your child. Medicaid has helped many lower income families to find cheap health insurance. The US Department of Health & Human Services oversees various aspects of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).

Key to the SCHIP’s sustainability is the belief that healthy kids will spend more time in school and will grow up to be productive members of society. This is evidenced by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ health education series; “Healthy Start, Grow Smart”.

Private Health Insurance For Children

Almost all health insurance companies across the nation will offer health insurance to minor children whether or not their parent or parents are also applying for coverage. Many health insurers will offer coverage to newborn babies hardly a day old. Typically, health insurance premiums for children will be quite affordable especially when you consider that most states require health insurance companies to allow a minor child at least one well baby checkup and immunization annually for minimal cost or even free.

A very smart way that many health insurance shoppers are beginning to lower their monthly premium expense (for child only plans and also for family plans) is to start a health savings account. HSA’s have higher deductibles which leads to lower monthly premiums and also gives some tax benefits via contributions to the savings account portion of the plan.

Compare Different Health Insurance Plans For Children

Whichever direction you head just be sure and do your research. Speak with a health insurance agent that is familiar with the child health insurance laws in your state. Compare your options from the various Federal and State sponsored programs with individual health insurance plans from private insurance companies.

Take just a few moments and use our free quote finder to compare different plans side by side by requesting a free health insurance quote comparison now!