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Christian Health Insurance

Christian health insurance is something that many believers in Christ seek. It is especially appealing to those who have no group health insurance, are unemployed, or are self-employed.

However, Christian health insurance has guidelines unlike any other type of health insurance on the market. In fact, it really is not so much insurance, as a type of healthcare cost sharing cooperative. For those who live a Godly lifestyle and want to save money on traditional healthcare insurance, Christian health insurance may or may not be a good alternative.

Make sure you understand what it is and how it will benefit you, especially if you plan to use it in place of a traditional family health insurance plan.

Christian Health Insurance Guidelines

There are strict guidelines in place for those who take part in these Christian health insurance plans. The tenants of the system are that by partaking in a Christian healthcare cost-sharing program you are not subsidizing the health problems of the average person that arise from living a non-Christian lifestyle. The guidelines that must be maintained in order to be accepted into most Christian health plans and remain in it are as follows.

  1. Be a regular church attendee, as proven by a priest or pastor

  2. Have a Christian testimony

  3. Be a non-smoker

  4. Heterosexual

  5. Committed to not having sexual relations outside of marriage

  6. Not be a heavy drinker

  7. Not be significantly overweight according to the plan’s height and weight limits.

Things That Christian Health Insurance Does Not Cover

Because of the strict religious basis for the existence of this plan, there are many limitations to coverage. There are many things that are believed to be caused by behaving in a non-Christian way that are not be covered by Christian health insurance. Other things that the plan administrators believe to be unnecessary are not covered as well. A short list of things that are typically excluded are as follows.

  1. Sexually transmitted diseases, unless obtained as a result of rape

  2. Abortion

  3. Obesity

  4. Drug or alcohol addictions

  5. Psychiatric disorders

  6. Pre-existing conditions, including cancer re-occurrence

  7. Most plastic surgery

  8. Sterilization

  9. Routine mammograms and pap smears

  10. Infertility treatments

  11. Hearing aids

  12. Orthodontic Braces

  13. Medical Bills related to high risk sports injuries

In addition, there are many things that need to be pre-approved in order to receive coverage. Christian healthcare cost sharing programs are secondary to any other type of applicable health insurance coverage.

Disadvantages To Sharing Programs Masquerading As Christian Health Insurance

These Christian sharing programs often refer to themselves as Christian health insurance in their advertising, but once you start to dig deeper into the details of what they are and how they work, you quickly discover that they are in fact not health insurance at all.

They are extremely restrictive programs that offer no guarantees of coverage. In fact, in their information you will find repeated that there is no guarantee of expense being assumed.

  1. They have huge lists of exclusions of things that are typically covered by most health insurance. They even exclude coverage on many preventative procedures and usually covered procedures like mammograms and pap smears.

  2. You must abide by their list of guidelines for acceptance into the program and to remain in the program. If you stop going to church, gain weight or drink too much, you may be kicked out of the program.

  3. There is only very limited sharing that can be accessed during the first month of being a member.

  4. If you or a family member find yourself needing medical coverage for something that is caused by a “non-Christian” activity, like becoming an unwed mother, you will be refused coverage.

  5. It is possible that not all members of a family will be accepted into the program, depending on beliefs and lifestyles.

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Now you are familiar with this little known concept of Christian health sharing plans, sometimes referred to as Christian health insurance, that is an alternative to traditional health insurance.

Many health care providers are owned, administered by and serviced by Christians and offer much better health care coverage than these alternative sharing programs. You can use our online quote tool to get quotes on true health insurance.

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