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Dental Health Insurance

Dental health insurance is often offered by the same insurance companies that offer health insurance. However, not every group and certainly not every individual opts for dental health insurance. Taking good care of our teeth is, unfortunately, still not something that everyone values. Sometimes people feel that if you brush your teeth and take care of them at home then you will not even need dental health insurance.

However, in reality, it is definitely a coverage that most should carry and utilize, especially if you have children. Many family health insurance plans offer a dental insurance option for an additional premium cost.

Dental health insurance can make the difference between small dental problems and huge ones. Dental problems are one of the leading factors of time lost from work and are often an indicator of other health problems. By having dental health insurance, you are more likely to see a dentist for preventative procedures and to take care of problems in a timely manner, before they lead to more serious ones.

Types Of Dental Health Insurance Available

There are several different variations on the type of dental health insurance available on the market. It is important to understand the differences between them in order to make a good decision about dental coverage.

  1. Direct Reimbursement Programs: You choose the dentist of your choice, pay the bill, submit the receipt to the company and receive a pre-set percentage reimbursed to you.

  2. “Usual, Customary and Reasonable”: In this type of plan, you can also go to whichever dentist you choose. The insurer will pay the lower of either a pre-set percentage of the cost or an amount that is considered usual, customary and reasonable. You pay the remaining costs.

  3. Schedule or Table of Allowance: With this type of plan, the insurance company sets the amount they pay for each different type of dental procedure and will pay that amount. If the dentist’s fees are higher than the table allows for, you will be charged the excess.

  4. Dental Health Maintenance Organization/Capitation Program: This allows for the individual or family to receive most dental procedures free of charge. In exchange, the dental insurance company pays the dentist participating in the program a fixed amount per month.

  5. Dental Preferred Provider Organization: You choose your dentist from a list of providers who have agreed to provide services at a lower cost and your services will be partly or wholly covered by your plan. If you use an out-of-network provider, coverage will still be there, but will be at a reduced percentage.

Things To Look For When Shopping For Dental Health Insurance

In the process of shopping for dental health insurance, you will be faced with a sea of information. It is important to be able to extract from each option the information that you need. Below are some important questions to ask when looking at each option.

  1. Does this plan cover preventative visits to the dentist?

  2. Does the plan cover the dentist I want to visit?

  3. Does it offer reasonable coverage of procedures I expect to need soon?

  4. When does it go into effect?

  5. What is considered pre-existing and are pre-existing problems excluded?

  6. Is there coverage for emergency treatment?

  7. Does it offer copays for routine teeth cleaning?

Alternatives To Dental Health Insurance

  1. Discount Dental Plans – These plans provide you with a card making you eligible for dental services at a reduced rate from participating dentists. It is a great way to save money if you have no dental health insurance and can usually be made effective immediately. However, the limitation is in finding and choosing the dentist. If you live in a small area, there may be no dentists who accept the plan. Specialty dentists, like pediatric dentists, rarely accept it. If you have a dentist you already use and like, he or she may not accept the plan.

  2. Self-Insurance – This basically means that you are opting not to go with dental health insurance and plan to pay the costs out-of-pocket. If the premiums on the dental health insurance plans are too high for just the preventative maintenance you plan to get, you may want to self-insure. If the things you need done are not covered by dental insurance, you may also want to skip it in those cases. The risk with self-insuring is that often you procrastinate about getting dental check-ups “until you can afford them”. Some people may even put off seeing the dentist about a problem tooth until it is too late to save it.

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