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Health Insurance For Low Income Families

There are a number of choices for health insurance for low income families depending on the state that you live in.  America’s working poor have been acknowledged in the last several years and the government, under pressure from the American people, is trying to find ways to fill the gaps created by this demographic.

Facts About Health Insurance For Low Income Families

Here are some basic facts on the available programs for low income families.

  • One quarter, almost 19 million, of US children live in low income families with a working parent.  Low income is defined as those living under poverty level of $38,000 for a family of four.  This income level makes it very hard for families to afford family health insurance.

  • Low income families receive fewer job benefits than middle income families.  This includes employer based health insurance coverage.

  • These same families face hardships because of food and housing costs with added child care expense added to it.

  • Health problems are move prevalent among low income working families with the numbers being as high as 16% of these workers having fair or poor health.  This is one of the things that add to the rising cost of health care.  It is the uninsured that make use of the emergency rooms for things that could have been better handled in a doctor’s office.  This is because hospitals have to provide care and can not turn away someone because of failure to pay their medical bills.

  • A lot of Americans lose medical coverage when they move from being on public assistance to the work force because they are now making enough that they are no longer eligible for public assistance but they are not making enough to afford health care and their employers don’t provide it.

With these facts in mind a few things have been done to help those with low incomes afford health insurance.

Health Insurance Programs For Low Income Families

Medicare/Medicaid – Medicare and Medicaid are both federal entitlement programs that are jointly funded by the states and federal government and is managed by the states.  It is available for low-income parents, children, seniors, and people with disabilities.  To be eligible you have to be a United States Citizen and meet eligibility requirements that are not only dependent on your income but on your assets as well. 

State Children’s Health Insurance Programs (SCHIP) – This program is in place to try and provide coverage for every uninsured child in the United States where they have proper health care.  Just because you are not eligible for insurance through Medicare or Medicaid does not mean that your children will not be eligible for either Medicare, Medicaid, or the Children’s Health Insurance Program of the state you live in.

Private Health Insurance Companies – BC/BS , United Healthcare, Aetna, Humana, and others often provides affordable health insurance for families even in low income brackets.   

Many insurance companies offer affordable benefit packages designed to help low-income families protect themselves further in case of serious injury or illness.  These plans don’t normally cover routine care but they will help protect the families financially in the face of serious illness and injury.

Health Savings Accounts – These are not health insurance plans but are savings accounts that are designed to be used in conjunction with a high deductible health plan (HDHP). HSA’s can help take the burden off of medical care.  Pre-tax dollars go into a special savings account that is used for medical care, prescriptions and some over the counter medical supplies.

How To Find Low Income Family Health Insurance

An independent health insurance agent may be able to help you find low cost health insurance coverage for you and your family that you can afford, especially if no one in your family has anything that is considered high risk to insure.  They also know of professional groups and organizations that membership can get you into a group plan that you may be easier to be accepted onto if anyone in your family has major health issues. 

It may be hard to find medical insurance if you are one of America’s working poor, but with enough determination and research there is something out there that can help you cover your medical costs.  There are also people out there who can help you find what you need.

Contact your state department of insurance.  They should have list available of insurance companies that offer affordable insurance to low income families as well as alternate health care programs that may be available.

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