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Maternity Health Insurance

If you are looking for maternity insurance or health insurance with maternity coverage (maternity health insurance) then there are many different things to consider. What is the average cost of pregnancy? What type of health insurance plan will cover maternity expenses? If I have an individual health insurance plan can I add on supplemental maternity insurance coverage? Where can I look to find affordable maternity health insurance?

Let’s take a look at all of these different questions and then some. After looking through these different maternity questions and answers you should then speak with a local independent health insurance agent that can give you guidance as to pregnancy issues, guidelines, and regulations specific to your state of residence. Simply request free health insurance quotes at our home page to speak with someone familiar with maternity health insurance options in your zip code.

What Is the Average Cost of Pregnancy?

The average cost of pregnancy depends on the hospital or medical facility where the pregnancy takes place but even more than that the pregnancy cost depends the most on whether the pregnancy is a normal pregnancy or if there are any complications involved. Cesarean sections, premature births, and other of those type of complications can cause the cost of the pregnancy to increase quite a bit. Assuming everything is ordinary and the pregnancy is a normal pregnancy then the cost will be quite lower than most would think. In the state of Florida for example, the average cost for a normal pregnancy is $1,689 statewide (Source: FloridaHealthFinder.gov). However, if complications are involved then the cost of pregnancy skyrockets to $15,000, $20,000 and even higher.

What Type Of Health Insurance Plan Will Cover Maternity Expenses?

The only way to know for sure what maternity expenses, if any, a health insurance plan will cover is to closely scrutinize the policy details (probably you will want to do this with a knowledgeable independent health insurance agent). That being said, most comprehensive group health insurance plans will cover pregnancy expenses automatically while most individual health insurance plans will not cover pregnancy expenses automatically. If you want to have pregnancy expenses covered with an individual health insurance plan then you will have to add the benefit onto the plan in the form of a rider or separate endorsement.

Can I Purchase Individual Health Insurance Coverage While I Am Pregnant?

No, you cannot get individual health insurance while you are pregnant unless possibly you may qualify for a guaranteed issue HIPAA eligible health insurance plan. Generally speaking, you can count on having to wait until after the pregnancy until you will be approved for an individual health insurance plan. If you are pregnant and without health insurance then you will want to see if you can obtain coverage through a group health insurance plan, see if you are eligible for a state sponsored health insurance program (if you have very low income), or at the very least speak with an independent health insurance agent that is knowledgeable about maternity options in your state.

If I Have An Individual Health Insurance Plan Can I Add On Supplemental Maternity Insurance Coverage?

Yes, most individual health plans will allow for an optional maternity benefit rider to be added to the plan for an additional cost. Almost all plans will have a waiting period of 6-12 months before any (or full) benefits will be paid out for maternity expenses. Again, just like health insurance sick people always have the desire for health insurance and those that are pregnant always have the need for some kind of pregnancy insurance. If you are responsible – the key is to get coverage before you need it!

Where Can I Look To Find Affordable Maternity Health Insurance?

Many insurance companies offer low cost maternity health insurance. The particular company and plan that best fits your need will depend on your situation and your state of residence. You will want to compare health plans from at least 3 different insurance companies that actually offer coverage in your zip code. Take a few moments and request free health insurance quotes now!

The Importance Of Having Adequate Maternity Health Insurance Coverage

Health insurance can be secondary to getting a job until a woman becomes pregnant and has to ask herself, “Where Can I Find Maternity Health Insurance”?   The following sections will explain not only where to find maternity health insurance, but why you need it.

Where Can I Find Maternity Health Insurance?: The Whys

Unfortunately a vast amount of young women don’t really realize the importance of prenatal care.  A lot of women are in their second and third trimester before they receive prenatal care.  That is if they receive it at all. 

Unfortunately maternity health care is fairly expensive.  You have to consider prenatal care as mentioned.  Then there is labor and delivery and neonatal care.  Tens of thousands of dollars can add up very quickly. 

If there are complications with mom, baby or both, those numbers can quickly reach 6 digits.  Having maternity health insurance to help you cover those costs is a necessity for most pregnant woman.

Where Can I Find Maternity Health Insurance?: A Supplement To Health Insurance

There are many small businesses that have health savings accounts with high deductibles of up to $5000.  Insurance companies that target small businesses give more control to the consumer when it comes to the expenses of the subscriber.  That translates to plans with unbundled services that call for supplemental benefits. 

There are a handful of states that offer maternity insurance as a supplemental benefit.  You may have a maternity plan with your health insurance, but those benefits may be limited and require supplemental benefits.

 It’s becoming increasingly popular however, for insurance carriers to require that maternity health insurance be carried separately.

States Where You Can Find Maternity Health Insurance

There are states that offer exclusive maternity health insurance because there were more and more women are looking for maternity coverage.  Some of these plans may be state sponsored.  Maybe your state is among the known private maternity health centers in:






There are also health insurance companies that offer maternity supplemental insurance in all 50 states.  Then there is always the public route starting with Medicaid as an option.  The only thing with Medicaid is that there are income guidelines.  State programs are now offering maternity programs as well especially with the demand. 

Where To Find Maternity Health Insurance If You Are Already Pregnant

The MaternityCard will offer maternity health insurance even if you are already pregnant.  Most insurance companies consider pregnancy a pre-existing condition.  Then there are discount maternity plans that won’t accept a woman if she is already pregnant.  The Utah Maternity Health Plan is one of those plans.  Colorado has a plan called ColoHealth for women who are already pregnant. 

The Maternity Card Details

The MaternityCard offers benefits that cover:

  • Doctor visits

  • 24 hour nurse availability

  • Prenatal vitamins

  • Sonograms

  • Around the clock counseling

  • Newborn check ups

  • Hospital stays

  • Fertility and Sterilization procedures and therapy

  • Anesthesiologist

  • Lab Work

  • Inoculations

MaternityCard is offered by Affordable HealthCare Options, (AHCO), which is a discount non-insurance plan for the uninsured and underinsured.  MaternityCard through AHCO has a nationwide network of providers that claim to be the largest.   Offered by the same outfit Maternity Advantage is another option if your state doesn’t offer MaternityCard.   With either plan your family can save up to 60% in expenses.  Another popular discount plan is AmeriPlan where you can save 50%.

Maternity Discount Cards

Not all maternity discount cards are treated the same.  There are some discount maternity health insurance cards that have a limited network or providers.  You might find yourself traveling long distance to find a provider.  These companies attract you as a customer with their very low premiums.  The advice is to check out their reputation and read your coverage benefits carefully.

Woman And Infant Children's Program (WIC)

Most state and Medicaid programs include a Women and Infant Children’s (WIC) program.  WIC is a supplemental nutritional program that assists the woman and children with basic nutritional needs for 12 months from the date of eligibility.   Some of the basic nutritional foods that WIC provides are:




100% Juice

WIC is given to the mother during the pregnancy and it helps to provide formula and baby food for the children in infancy. 

Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)


Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is a state program offered by most states with their own state names.  They are federally funded and state mandated.  Some of them also offer maternity coverage.  These programs have income restrictions.  In Arkansas CHIP is Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool.  This is a group program is specifically designed for people who are uninsurable for medical reasons.


There are some women who might find themselves pregnant while on a COBRA Plan.  This could be expensive in and of itself, but what if your COBRA plan expires before you give birth? 

Those group plans that consider pregnancy as a pre-existing condition are not in compliance with the laws that prohibit companies from denying pregnant women maternity insurance. 

If you are considering an individual health insurance plan, then your pickings are slim unless you are eligible for a guaranteed issue HIPAA individual health insurance plan. Ask your health insurance broker or financial planner how the COBRA and HIPAA laws work together to protect your rights.

Where Can I Find Maternity Health Insurance?: When All Else Fails

If all else fails, a pregnant family has to analyze their situation and come up with the best option with what they have to work with.  Even if a state does not offer CHIP, they will more than likely have some type of plan provision for low income families who do not qualify for Medicaid.   

It is best to plan for your family’s expansion by looking at your options before you get pregnant.  Whether you are already pregnant or are thinking about getting pregnant, the information herein may be of value to you.

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