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AIG Health Insurance Company

American International Group Inc, or the AIG Life & Health Insurance Company, is one of  the world leaders in insurance and financial services.  They provide commercial, institutional and individual coverage to 130 countries and are listed on the New York Stock Exchange and on international stock markets in Paris and Tokyo. 

The AIG Life & Health Insurance Company provides one stop shopping for health, auto, life, home, travel and identity theft insurance as well as banking, loans, investment and retirement services.  Heath insurance is just one thing that AIG does well, offering a variety of supplemental health insurance coverage options.

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AIG Health Insurance Company: Accident Expense Coverage

The AIG Accident Expense Plus plan is for those individuals and families who would like to have fewer out of pocket medical expenses in the case of injury or serious illness.  The “plus” part of this plan is an additional rider that that pays a lump sum in event of a critical illness such as cancer or heart attack.  This is a very flexible health insurance plan easily customizable to meet your needs.

Policy Highlights:

  • Pick your deductible. You have the choice of four deductibles, $0, $100, $250 and $500.

  • Maximum calendar year benefits start at $1,000 and go up to $15,000 in $1,000 increments.

  • Policy covers the emergency room, hospital charges, physician charges, physical therapy, hospital charges, urgent care centers, ambulances, x-rays, prosthesis, diagnostic exams and drugs administered at either the hospital or urgent care center.

  • If you are between 18 and 64 you qualify for this insurance, no questions asked.

  • This plan does not coordinate with other insurance policies and companies.  All benefits are paid in addition to those provided by other insurance companies.

  • Family coverage option is available.

AIG Health Insurance Company: Cancer Care Coverage

Despite reliable treatments and high survival rates, there are many expenses incurred by cancer that are not covered by traditional health insurance plans.  This is where AIG comes in with supplemental cancer care health insurance, paid directly to you, to use as you see fit.

Policy Highlights:

  • $3000 initial diagnosis benefit.

  • Benefits for ambulance services, physician visits, nursing service and hospital confinement.

  • Surgery related benefits including anesthesia.

  • Nursing services and hospice care

  • Radiation, chemotherapy and blood/plasma transfusions.

  • Disability income

AIG Health Insurance Company: Critical Care Insurance

Just because you survive cancer or a heart attack doesn’t mean that the expenses end.  Even after the initial recovery time, there’s still the long term effect of having these diseases, both health wise and financial.  AIG health insurance can once again help.

Policy Highlights:

  • Tax-free single payment benefit up to $500,000 directly to the policy holder

  • Can cover conditions such as cancer, heart attack, stroke and kidney failure that cause major lifestyle changes.

  • Can cover the Loss of Independent Living Benefit.  This covers the inability to perform at least to of the six activities of daily living, using the bathroom (urination and/or voiding), eating, dressing, bathing and transferring.

  • Pays up to $50 a year for various medical tests.

  • Premiums paid under this policy may be returned to the policy owner upon the death of the insured. 

  • Available for those 18 to 59 (64 if you are a non-smoker).

  • Various coverage plans available from lifetime plans to term plans.

  • Can cover spouse and children on same policy.

  • Riders available for coverage for additional diagnoses of critical illnesses, coverage for reoccurrence of a critical illness, medical personnel HIV rider is available for medical professionals who may be exposed to HIV as a work related hazard, accidental death and dismemberment rider that will pay an additional lump-sum cash benefit in the event of accidental dismemberment or loss of life.

AIG Health Insurance Company: Emergency Care Insurance

Choose between on the job coverage or 24/7 coverage in case of accident, including children’s sport injuries.  AIG Emergency Care insurance will cover physical therapy to diagnostic exams to help protect against unexpected financial setbacks.

AIG Health Insurance Company Gives Secure Income Plus Insurance

This is disability insurance offered by AIG as one of their health care plans.  If disability prevents you from working, this insurance plan can provide a monthly benefit to help pay your bills while recovering.

Policy Highlights:

  • Can provide reliable income in the event of a disability.

  • Returns the sum of all premiums page, minus any benefits paid out, if you pay your premiums and reach the age of 65.  Policies canceled prior to reaching age 65 will receive a percentages of the premiums paid

  • Once the policy is in effect, benefits never decrease and your premium never increases.

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