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Aetna Health Insurance Company

Aetna Health Insurance Company is a multi-faceted health insurance provider that offers individual policies, as well as group policies. They specialize in personal service and offer a variety of solutions for every stage of life. No matter why you are looking for in a health insurance company, Aetna offers a lot of solutions which may be right for you.

Apart from health and prescription plans, Aetna also offers life insurance, dental coverage, vision plans, disability and long term care insurance. Use the information below to compare Aetna health insurance company with others you may be considering.

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Aetna Health Insurance Company’s Diverse Plans

Aetna specializes in offering plans to meet the needs of anyone looking for health insurance, no matter if it is a policy of one or a group plan for a small business. The policies range from very basic to very comprehensive and can fit any budget.

Aetna offers you a lot of help by making recommendations for the type of policy you should choose, depending on your needs. If you have to cut certain types of coverage to make your premiums fit your budget, they even have discount programs available, which will give you vision, dental, prescription and other discounts.

Individual Plans - For the individual just starting out or if your family is grown and moved on, whatever the situation, if you are looking for individual policies, Aetna can provide just what you are looking for. They have policies specialized for people in great health who are very low risk and will probably not need to use them. They also have very reasonable and tailor-made plans that meet the needs of others that may need to use it more often.

Aetna individual policies offer you a ton of choices. You can get a policy that allows you to choose the doctors and health care that you want to use. You do not have to file claims and do not have to worry about referrals.

To keep your premiums lower and your out-of-pocket costs under control, a managed choice option is also available. There are also preventative and hospital care policies available. Aetna also has Health Savings Accounts available to its policyholders allowing them to pay out-of-pocket health costs and enjoy tax savings.

Family Coverage - Aetna is perfect for families. You can choose a plan that is just right for your needs. You can make it fit your budget and your anticipated use. Families with children often use their health insurance much more than singles or couples would, therefore Aetna keeps these things in mind when offering policies that keep out-of-pocket costs low for frequent trips to the doctor and still offer excellent coverage.

COBRA Alternative  - When you are between jobs, the government has instituted a plan to make sure that you do not have to be without health insurance. It allows for you to extend your group coverage for up to 18 months and sometimes even longer. However it involves you paying both the employee and the employer premium. It can be a costly endeavor. However, before you put your COBRA benefits in place, it pays to shop around. Aetna’s reasonable prices, thorough coverage and comparable deductibles on individual and family policies make it a cost effective alternative to most COBRA policies.

Small Business Policies – Aetna offers a great variety of small business health insurance plans. These plans are a major benefit to the company who offers them. Offering good benefits reduces employee turnover and creates company loyalty and respect, because your employees feel valued. Aetna small business products are available to businesses with 50 or fewer employees are: a variety of health insurance plans to fit the budget of any company, prescription coverage, dental insurance, vision insurance, life and disability insurance.

Medicare Supplement Plans – Aetna offers a variety of Medicare supplemental policies to cover the things that Medicare Parts A and B do not cover.

Aetna Health Insurance Company Extras

Aetna prides itself on offering cutting edge programs for its policyholders.

  1. Fitness Program – price breaks on fitness clubs and equipment

  2. Aetna Vision Program – apart from typical vision savings, will even get you savings on LASIK eye surgery

  3. Aetna Resource Connection – gives you discounts from other companies

  4. Aetna Natural Products and Services Programs – savings on medical and health treatment often classified as alternative

  5. National Medical Excellence Program – for transplant assistance if you qualify

  6. Informed Health Line – staffed by a nurse 24 hours a day

  7. Healthy Outlook Program – if you are at-risk for chronic conditions

  8. Aetna Rx Home Delivery – mail-order pharmaceuticals

Aetna Health Insurance Company Cares

Aetna is dedicated to empowering the consumer with health knowledge. Apart from the extra things it offers its policyholders, they offer a great health website available free of charge to the general public.  It is a very comprehensive resource that arms you with health information that will answer your questions, help you make good choices and give you tips to keep you and your family healthy.

Aetna Health Insurance Company Resources

Aetna provides its members with a wide range of useful resources including:

  1. Medical Dictionary
  2. Articles on new health findings
  3. Drug Resource Center
  4. Information on Specific Health Conditions
  5. Children’s Health Information Stage by Stage
  6. Women’s Health Recommendations
  7. Men’s Health Concerns
  8. Lifestyle Advice
  9. Information for Caregivers
  10. Answers to questions you did not even know you had

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Aetna has been around for over 150 years and is one of the biggest health care insurers in the country. They have been at the forefront of providing opportunities to Americans to be able to afford good health care coverage and therefore protect their financial health.

Aetna offers products nationwide. It has extraordinarily large networks of physicians, hospitals and health care providers. Aetna is proud of the being the recipient of numerous awards and recognition and being very involved in the community.

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