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Allied Health Insurance Company

Seeking information online for Allied Health Insurance Company is a bit like herding butterflies. Why can it be so challenging to unearth the offerings of a health insurance company like Allied? In truth, there are several companies that go by this name.

Some are affiliated with insurance “biggies” like Nationwide, others are independent insurers. For that reason, this article will give on basics on one Allied Health Insurance Company, as well as information on how to evaluate the company you are considering.

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Profile Of Allied Health Insurance Company

While this article will begin with a focus on the Allied Health Insurance Company associated with the Allied Mutual Automobile Association, other information is relevant to any insurer you want to evaluate and get a quote from.

Almost 80 years old, the Allied health insurance division began in 1929 in Des Moines, Iowa. However, the company now offers all forms of insurance in many parts of the country. The health insurance division offers stability based on the security of the overall company. Don’t take my word for it and don’t take the companies either. The best ways to evaluate the strength and security of any insurance company is from an independent auditor.

Evaluate Allied Health Insurance Company

Independent insurance auditors are outside companies who rank insurance companies on a number of criteria. One of these is financial health. Even though you are looking to Allied for health insurance, the company’s financial stability is critical. The three top independent auditors for insurance companies are:

  • A.M. Best
  • Moody’s
  • Standard & Poors

A.M. Best tends to put the highest emphasis on a company’s overall financial strength. The other two focus on the company’s ability to pay claims. Obviously, both scores are important to you.

Questions To Ask About Allied Health Insurance Company Coverage

Once you’re confidant in a company’s ability to pay your claims, you need to make sure that they offer the coverage you need at a price you can afford. Keep in mind, that even under the umbrella of a single insurer like Allied, the specifics of your plan will vary.

Allied Health Insurance Company takes pride in offering regional service to better meet client’s local needs. They also focus on:

  • Customer Service - by offering a detailed website and 24 hour phone coverage for questions.

  • Local community involvement - that supports initiative like diabetes research and nation help from the United Way.

While these are great offerings, they are very broad. You need to get answers to specific questions like:

  • Do they offer PPO, HMO and traditional plans?

  • Can I adjust my deductible for lower payments and should I?

  • What type of preventative care programs are in place?

Allied Health Insurance Company: Cost Of Health Benefits

It’s likely that the costs involved are at the top of your list of questions.

Your specific costs for health insurance will be determined by your premium and deductible. Some of the factors that go into determining these are in your immediate control, others are not.

Health Concerns - Your chronic health conditions, lifestyle choices, and where you live will all impact the quote you receive for health insurance. While existence of a health condition will definitely impact your cost, it won’t automatically eliminate you. If you are getting coverage as part of a company policy they many have to include you any way.

You can control:

  • If you’re a smoker

  • Your exercise regimen

  • If you’re stay insured and receive preventative or well visits on a regular basis (most providers cover these, especially for children.)

Deductibles and Co-Pays - If cost is a factor, take a close look at the co-pay and deductible of any plan you are offered.

Co-Pays are the fee (usually $15-$40) that you are required to pay your service provider before they will even see you. This is an immediate benefit and is your responsibility. You may decide that a lower co-pay makes one policy more attractive than another. Usually, these fees are listed right on your health insurance card for visits for both regular, urgent and out of network care.

The deductible is a set annual amount that you must cover before your insurer starts to pay, and this can vary greatly. One way to get a lower premium is by paying a higher deductible.

Before you make that decision, take a look at how often you typically visit the doctor. If you routine take a child for allergy shots, or have on-going medical needs you may prefer to take the lower deductible. Only you can decide.

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