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Anthem Health Insurance Company

If you’re seeking information on Anthem Health Insurance Company as a part of your quest for getting good insurance then you’re in the right place. This article will give you the data you need to determine if you can meet your health insurance goals by choosing a company like Anthem as your provider.

As a part of Blue Cross and Blue Shield, the Anthem Health Insurance Company does offer a lot of benefits. Only you can decide how they will work for you. Anthem Health Insurance Company also merged with a group called Wellpoint Health Networks in 2005.

After you finish reading the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance Company review then enter your zip into our free health comparison tool to compare health insurance quotes from top insurance companies side by side online.

Stability Of Anthem Health Insurance Company

One benefit of choosing (or having your employer choose) a provider like Anthem is the stability that a long time players like Blue Cross Blue Shield  and Wellpoint bring to the table. Anthem has been operating since 1944.

You need to know that your health insurer is going to be around to take care of you when you need them to, since this is one form of insurance you will definitely use! Anthem provides coverage for more than 30 million Americans. The size alone helps to offer affordable costs in many cases.

Ratings Of Anthem Health Insurance Company

One great way to evaluate the may health insurance companies you may be considering is to look at the ratings they receive from independent sources like Moody’s, Standard & Poors and A.M. Best. These are all companies with no ties to the organizations they rate, and are regarded as unbiased sources.

As of 2007 the above groups gave Anthem an A, A+, and A1 ratings, respectively. The first two are considered excellent and the last is good. You can visit the websites of each to find out their criteria for ratings.

Benefits Offered Through Anthem Health Insurance Company

One of the tricky things when you want to find out about specific benefits and coverage is that the bottom line is going to be what’s on your individual plan. While we can list the many possible options, you will need to obtain a quote read your policy to find out which of the coverage options you are eligible for.

Anthem Health Insurance Company offers a line of programs which are not associated with the Blue Cross Blue Shield brand, but fall under only the Anthem umbrella which include prescription by mail programs. This is important to know if you find your self limited to a specific policy or company due to location or your employer.

Tools Available With Anthem Health Insurance Company

One factor you’ll want to consider is how an insurance company can meet your needs for both preventive and chronic health issues. While current health conditions are most urgent, there are many reasons to look carefully at the preventative option a health insurance provider offers.

  • Your individual rates in the future may depend on the actions you take today.

  • Preventative medicine can prevent chronic and fatal illnesses.

  • Healthy lifestyle will lessen your likelihood of needing to use your insurance.

So, it’s in the best interest of both you and your insurer to see that you do all you can to prevent diseases and lower stress. Anthem offers a Cool Tools program which includes calculators for:

  • Body fat

  • Smoking cost

  • Ideal weight

  • Caloric needs

  • Body mass index (BMI)

It also includes things like and interactive personal trainer and a sleep disorder assessment. While these aren’t coverage options you’ll read about in the fine print of your policy, they are significant perks that can make it easier to do all those healthy things you know you should be doing.

Coverage Options With Anthem Health Insurance Company

Depending on factors like your employer’s choice, your personal finances and individual choice, you may need to choose between the PPO and the traditional option of coverage. If you’re not sure what the difference is:

  • A PPO is a preferred provider option. This means that you are given a list of “network providers” to choose from. If you choose a doctor not on the list you would either pay a higher fee or even foot the whole bill and handle the paperwork on your own.

  • The traditional program doesn’t provide a list of providers. However, it’s your responsibility to make sure that the physician you choose accepts Anthem health insurance. None of your fees will be covered, or your paperwork submitted if this occurs.

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