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Assurance Health Insurance Company

With all the providers of health insurance on the market today, you might have stumbled across the Assurance Insurance Agency and wondered, “How can I tell if they are a good fit for me?” That’s a necessary question that you should ask about the Assurance Health Insurance Company or any other insurance provider you are looking into. Insurance agencies like Assurance generally offer several different benefits and payment options. The details below will help you to determine if they are a good fit for you.

Getting Quotes From The Assurance Insurance Agency

The Assurance Insurance Agency has operated in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC. However, you’ll also find health insurance plan details below for residents of both Texas and Illinois. And the information below on UniCare insurance is for residents of:

  • Illinois

  • Indiana

  • Kentucky

  • Nevada

  • Ohio

  • Texas

  • Virginia

  • Michigan

This is an independent insurance agency. That means that they can sell you health, life, auto or other insurance from multiple providers. This differs from an agent who works, for example, for State Farm and can only sell you their products.

The benefit to working with an independent agency is that they are able to give you several different quotes, and look for rates and coverage that will best suit your needs. Of course, you can also obtain multiple quotes online. You need to decide if you would rather gather that information yourself, or have someone assist you in the process.

The company offers insurance for life, auto and classic cars, bonding and health needs. As far as health insurance goes, the Assurance Agency offers quotes on:

  • Both group and individual plans

  • Major Medical

  • Medicare Supplemental

  • Short Term  insurance

  • PPO, HMO and MSA plans

The health insurance is offered through UniCare Life and Health which is an affiliate of the WellPoint, Inc.

Benefits Of Assurance Insurance Agency

Under the UniCare health insurance umbrella, Medicare participants have what’s called a Security Choice option. This is a private fee for service plan.

Another program Assurance offers health insurance through is called Sound. The Sound plan is currently offered to residents in Texas and Illinois. This program offers 3 different levels of coverage which allow participants to choose the deductibles and premiums that suit them the best.

All the plans are based on a $40 co-pay and unlimited doctor visits. While $40 is at the higher end of the co-pay scale, you need to measure that against how often you visit the doctor, your monthly premium and annual deductible. Those are listed here. (Ok, we can’t list how often you visit the doctor!)

  • Gravity Bender- This is a higher deductible which offers low monthly premiums. The deductible (the amount you pay before your insurer kicks in) is $5,000 a year. The monthly premiums run between $88-133 per month.

  • Curb Jumper- This is the middle of the road option where you can lower your deductible to $3,000 per year and pay $102-147 per month.

  • Cruiser- Here’s your chance to lower that deductible if you’re willing to pay a bit more every month. $1,500 is your deductible and your monthly payments will run between $135 and $191 each month.

You have to love a site that actually breaks down the costs for you like this. Just remember, you don’t want to take the higher deductible if you won’t have the ability to pay for it in an emergency!

According to the Sound site, the average cost for a one day stay in the hospital in 2005 was $5,858! Can you afford that $5,000 deductible? What if you need to be airlifted to the hospital? That average cost in the same year was $6,919!

Don’t let those numbers scare you. Use them to evaluate your need for lower monthly payments or a lower deductible. Where does your priority lie? You could save up to $696 in monthly payments just by going with the higher deductible. However, you will have to be able to cover that $5,000.

Comparing The Assurance Insurance Agency With Other Options

It’s easy to get quotes from multiple health insurance companies without ever leaving home. Simply go to the free quote tool on this page and start comparing the Assurance Insurance Agency with other providers today!