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Assurant Health Insurance Company

Assurant Health is a brand name for products and services that are offered by three organizations: Time Insurance Company, John Alden Life Insurance Company, and Union Security Insurance Company. In business since 1892, Assurant Health (sometimes referred to as Fortis Assurant) is a firmly established corporation that provides coverage for over one million Americans. With headquarters located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Assurant also has offices all over the United States that are staffed by over 200,000 local agents. Consumers can also get quotes and buy policies online rather than visiting an office.

Individuals covered by Assurant Health Insurance can choose between network plans, traditional plans, or health savings account plans. Network plans allow the consumer to choose providers from a list of approved physicians and hospitals. The doctors listed have agreed to reduce their rates for the insurance company. This allows Assurant to charge lower premiums and smaller deductibles. With a traditional plan, the individual can choose any doctor. This provides a greater flexibility, but the rates are higher. Health Savings Account plans are tax-free savings accounts. The individual puts money into a specialized account. The money is used to cover services not covered by another insurance plan, to pay a deductible, or to cover costs above what the insurance plan covers. If an individual chooses to set up a Health Savings Account, he must also purchase a high-deductible insurance policy with the account. Assurant Health was one of the first companies to offer HSAs and is experienced at managing the accounts. These three types of plans allow consumers to choose a plan that best fits their needs. Assurant also offers discount plans for prescriptions, dental visits, and vision coverage.

Assurant’s small business plans apply to companies with between 2 and 50 employees. Businesses that fit this criteria can apply for three types of insurance: consumer choice plans, major medical plans, and healthy lifestyle plans. Consumer choice plans are designed to lower the price the employees pay for quality health insurance. These plans include Health Reimbursement Accounts. HRAs are similar to Health Savings Accounts, but the employer puts money into the account. When the employee leaves the company, the business keeps the money in the account instead of the employee. Major Medical plans offer a variety of options which vary in coverage from only hospital visits to copays for hospital and doctor visits. Assurant offers a healthy lifestyle plan as well. This plan is designed for employees that are generally well and simply need coverage for normal doctor checkups. It has lower premiums but does not provide as much coverage.

One unique plan offered by Assurant is a short-term insurance plan. Designed to cover people who have been laid off, are between jobs, have just graduated, or are seasonally employed, short-term insurance is coverage for 30 days to a year. Assurant Health Insurance offers a good variety of coverage plans and price ranges for both businesses and individuals. Their focus seems to be on small businesses or individuals. It may not be ideal for larger corporations. The different options give consumers flexibility in price without sacrificing good health coverage.

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