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Atlantis Health Insurance Company

For New Yorkers seeking information on the Atlantis Health Insurance Company, you will definitely want more information on the Atlantis Health Plan. The mission of this branch of the Atlantis Health Insurance Company is to provide resident of New York with affordable, quality healthcare by depending on expert local physicians. This guide will give you some background on the way that the Atlantis Health Insurance Company has implemented this plan to help New Yorkers meet their health insurance needs.

Background On Atlantis Health Insurance Company

The official name of this organization is actually Atlantis Health Systems, Inc. It was started in 1995 by New York City physicians who lived in either the city or state, but provided services within city limits. 12 members of this original group them founded the Health Plan based on a mission to recreate strong physician-patient relations which will improve the quality of health care in the city.

How Small Businesses Benefit With Atlantic Health Insurance Company

When the Brooklyn branch of this health plan was opened in 2005 it was called the most affordable health insurance plan in New York’s 5 boroughs. Typically, it can save business owners and participants about 30% on the costs of offering this benefit to their employees. It also got attention as the health plan for the popular Brooklyn Cyclones.

For example, HMO fees in 2008 for a family plan were any where from $175 to $591 less than other comparable plans in New York. The POS deductibles for plans ran anywhere from $500 to $4000 less. Keep in mind these do depend on using the specific network Atlantis Health Plan has set up. This is how they are able to keep costs affordable.

The point to keep in mind for any New Yorker who already has a doctor they really like, is that they would have to be willing to visit an Atlantis doctor instead. However, many low income families find that the structure of this plan is a very powerful benefit for both cost savings and reliable health care.

Members are also able to use their own doctors within the plan. This is a great benefit for small business owners to offer their low income employees.

This health plan differs from many in that it offers services with:

  • No co-pays option if services

  • No pre-authorizations required for referrals

Just keep in mind, everything is within the Atlantis Medical Group.

Benefits Of The Atlantis Health Insurance Company

In addition to lack of co-pays and no need for pre-authorizations, the services available are comprehensive. They include:

  • Immunizations

  • Medically necessary blood work

  • EKGs and Sonograms

  • Certain physical therapies

  • Testing for pre-surgical needs

  • 2nd opinions

  • X-ray / Lab work

Participants can look forward to new service options such as CAT scans and ambulatory surgery which are in the works. By having a primary physician make an appointment for needed services like an X-ray or local surgery, the patients are able to have multiple procedures done in one location. They are also able to avoid the multiple co-pays usually involved by going one place for blood work, another for X-rays, anther for the surgery, etc.

Other benefits included are:

  • 24/7 access to non-emergency care. All plan participants can reach a doctor after hours as needed

  • Online health records. Part of the goal to better coordinate patient records, and therefore offer lower costs, involves keeping medical and prescription information online. This data is password protected, but involves different care provider’s access to the patient’s important medical background immediately.

Private nursing is not included in the plan. Emergency room visits require a $50 co-pay. The prescription card offers a $10/20/30 plan for generic and required medications. You may want to weigh these against some of the higher priced plans offered in NY.

As health insurance plans go, the Atlantis Health Insurance Company truly offers some valuable low cost options to New Yorkers. Is this the best health insurance option for you and your family? To make that decision you need to get a few quotes and look at other options and the benefits they offer.

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