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Avalon Health Insurance Company

Chuck O’Neil and Drew Cassidy had a vision to offer a better healthcare experience by offering Avalon Health Insurance Company to Florida residents.  This 2006 venture was on the cutting edge of change in the health care industry.  Mindful of the evolution in the work force, they set out to offer health insurance plans to small and medium sized businesses and individuals in addition to group health insurance.  This was the first health insurance company to open to the state of Florida in five years.  In 2007 they decided to take Avalon Health Insurance Company to the next level by merging with BayCare Health Center. 

Expanding Avalon Heath Insurance Company

After one year in the Florida health care market, Avalon Health Insurance Company decided to merge with the largest health system in Florida.  BayCare Health Center has nine facilities throughout the Tampa Bay area; hence, an immediate network to offer coverage to.   BayCare Health Center’s nine facilities are:

  1. Mease Countryside

  2. Morton Plant North Bay

  3. St. Anthony's

  4. Mease Dunedin

  5. St. Joseph

  6. St. Joseph's Childrens

  7. Morton Plant

  8. St. Joseph's Womens

  9. South Florida Baptist

Avalon Health Insurance Company’s Innovative Concepts

  In 2006 they were number 8 in Florida with a small network.  Today Avalon Insurance Company not only has a larger network but new plans as part of BayCare Health Center.  Now they are able to offer lower cost health insurance and innovative concepts like PPO plans with higher deductibles coupled with Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA)’s and Health Saving Accounts (HSA)’s to offset the high deductibles which are usually $1,000, $2,000, $3,500 and $5,000. 

The objective is to allow the subscriber to save the money required for health care expenses before the deductible is met.  In the event expensive lab work is required this money is available.  This money can be rolled over yearly as opposed to the Flexible Spending Plans (FSP)’s.  One concept is called the Focus Plan concept because Avalon’s mission is to focus on quality health care at the lowest rates possible for group and individual needs.

Avalon Focus Group Plans Group based plans focused on groups


Avalon IFocus Individual Plans Individual Plans for individuals, small and medium sized businesses and their employees. Small businesses with up to 50 employees have two options. 

Consumers Becoming More Proactive In Their Own Healthcare

The way the paradigm is shifting, people are taking more control of their healthcare.  As people become more responsible for their own health insurance, and educated about their own healthcare, they want to take responsibility for their own choices. 

While HMOs or Health Maintenance Organizations are still functioning, Preferred Physician Organizations or PPOs offer more choices and are becoming increasingly preferred among those who can afford the higher premium. 

With Avalon’s HRA and HSAs, PPO plans are affordable, and can be offered at the lowest possible premiums.  Subscribers can pick and choose and be more proactive with the expense and management.

Avalon Health Insurance Company Resources

Avalon Health Insurance Company wants to make sure that their subscribers have up to date and easy access information at their fingertips.   This way they can be more hands on and educated.  This group of access information is as follows:

  1. One Voice – Subscribers are assured to speak directly to a live person during business hours.

  1. OptumHealth – Subscribers can speak with a nurse 24/7.

  1. Learning Center – Subscribers can go online and ask questions and get medical information through WebMD.

  1. Care Support – Lets subscribers know the costs and results of medical procedures.

Subscribers should be aware of Avalon Health Insurance Company’s limitation and exclusions.  They don’t cover things like cosmetic surgery, and mental health options are limited. 

Avalon Health Insurance Company Grows Exponentially

The horizon holds new ventures for Avalon Health Insurance Company.  They are thriving as they provide health insurance for today’s changing business demographic.  

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