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Beach Street PPO Network

If you're looking online for information on Beach Street PPO Network, chances are that you're actually looking for the Beech Street PPO Network affiliated with the Viant company. No worries, no matter how you spell it (we'll do it your way!) the Beach Street PPO Network is a PPO (preferred provider network) that offers services through over 400,000 medical partners. This article will help you to decide if Beach Street is the best PPO network for you.

History Of Beach Street PPO Network

Founded in San Diego in 1951, Beach Street has been offering health insurance for over 50 years. As a PPO, the company strives to provide affordable health care cost by working with a preapproved net work of physicians and partners. What does this mean for you?

When you belong to a PPO you are provided with a list of doctors who have agreed to work with in a set of guidelines to provide specific services at a set fee. Typically, this fee is lower than what you would pay in a traditional fee for service plan Of course, you are tied to the doctors within the network or you need to pay a higher fee.

Beach Street PPO Network strives to build on this premise by partnering with several strong affiliate groups. The benefit is that your costs for all these services are then lower than what they would be other wise.

Affiliates Of Beach Street PPO Network

If you are wondering who these affiliates are and why it matters to you, you're in the right place. Here is a list of some of the affiliates and how they might impact your specific health plan costs.

  1. Allianz Life Trac Transplant Network - A partnership with this group gives Beach Street members access to the countries 40 top transplant facilities for both organ and bone marrow work. In the event that you or someone you love needs this lifesaving work, it is good to know you're covered.

  2. Landacorp - By partnering with a disease management facility, insured patients get the benefits of complete managed solutions to both chronic and acute diseases.

  3. The AAPPO Academy - Here's how the providers at Beach Street educated their providers. They utilize top of the line online programs to ensure that your care providers are constantly up to date on both the technology and science behind their craft.

  4. Beech Street Family Fund - More than an affiliate program, this is a fund that was created to help employees within the company with their own monetary needs. Why does this matter to you as an insurance participant? It's good to know where a company's priorities really are. Employees here typically have a low turnover rate, probably due to programs like this.

Comparing Beach Street PPO Network

Now that you know some of the background, you need to get started comparing the coverage you can get from this insurer with other. If you don't where to even begin remember the basics. Before you even get a quote on health insurance you must know:

  1. Your specific medical needs - Does someone in your family see an allergist regularly? Do you have children who will increase the number of times you pay that co-pay? Are you tied to a specific provider? If so, is he or she covered in the plans you are considering?

  2. Your financial ability - Look at what you spent on medical bills last year. If you don't keep track of this start right now! Estimate what you spend each month on co-pays. Then look at the deductible and premiums offered in each plan. Co-pays can run anywhere from $10 to $50. Know what you can afford to pay before you commit to any plan.

  3. Your lifestyle and plans - Someone planning to get pregnant will have drastically different needs from a retiree, or a parent with a chronically ill child. Coverage differs dramatically, so when you get your quotes be certain to ask if they cover the needs that are most important to you.

Where To Get A Beach Street Health Insurance Quote

In order to get plan specifics from any health insurance company, you'll need to start with a quote. Getting aquote for top companies like Beach Street PPO Network, Blue Cross Blue Shield, UHC, Humana, Assurant, United American, PacifiCare, Celtic, and others is free and simple with the quote tool above. Get started comparing health insurance companies now!