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Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance Company

Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance Company is arguably the most well recognized health benefits provider in the nation, and possibly the world. As of 2007, Blue Cross Blue Shield was insuring over 99 million clients through its numerous health insurance plans. If you are looking for a health insurance company to meet your needs, here’s some background on this mammoth industry leader to help you decide if Blue Cross Blue Shield is right for you.

Brief History Of Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance Company

Since the early 1900s the “Blue Shield” company has been in the business of offering medical coverage to various groups. From railroad workers to school teachers, the organization started offering coverage for a mere $1.20 per month.

By the 1940s the Texas based Blue Cross and California based Blue Shield companies combined forces and were covering 24 million Americans for their health insurance needs. Currently, the Blue Groups, under a variety of plans, can be found in over 170 countries. In the United States 1/3 of Americans receive coverage from a Blue brand. Today you can find 39 plans offered in all 50 states, Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico.

Blue Cross Blue Shield companies employ over 150,000 people through the United States. That makes them one of the 20 largest employers in the country. More hospitals and doctors work with them than any other insurance provider. Over 90% of hospitals and over 80% of doctors accept this coverage.

Note: You should always ask your specific doctor if they accept Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance. There are still some doctors out there who do not accept any insurance at all. Your specific plan will also impact the doctor you can choose.

Coverage With Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance Company

You would expect the country’s largest insurer to cover all aspects of plan options, and you won’t be disappointed. Blue coverage options include PPOs(preferred provider options), HMO (health maintenance organizations), fee-for-service plans, and POS (point of service) products.

According to the BCBS company site that breaks down to $4.8 million is POS offerings, $12.9 million in traditional (fee for service) plans, $15.8 million and HMOs, and a whopping $65.8 million in PPOs.

Finding The Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance Company In Your Area

As mentioned, Blue Cross Blue Shield offers 39 different plans throughout the nation. So how do you go about locating the right one for you? The simplest step is to find out what’s offered in your area by using the company website or an online quote tool that will quickly list your local options.

Among the various plans offered in the 50 states are:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield (Alaska)

  • Wellpoint Health Networks

  •  Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Care First Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Hawaii Medical Service Associations

  • Wellpoint, Inc.

  • Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield

Many of these plans are state specific. If your employer offers you a plan you’ll be told which one it is right off the bat. If you are seeking individual insurance to try to eliminate the high costs of being thrown into a group risk pool, a simple zipcode search using our free tool at the top of the page will help you compare plans from multiple companies and will tell you which plans are available for you.

Cost Management With Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance Company

Whatever provider you choose, you need to understand the costs of the services provided and the percentage of the costs that your insurer will actually cover. Again, you will need to look at you plan specifics, but here are some basic costs that you should be aware of.

According to the experts at Blue Cross Blue Shield, here are some of the average costs of services your plan might cover.

  • $2,000 for an MRI

  • $57,000 for heart by pass surgery

  • $71 for name brand prescriptions

  • $22 for a generic prescription

What can you do to make sure that you are getting the best coverage and costs? Here are some suggestions.

  1. Discuss medications with your doctor and ask about generic brands

  2. Ask your insurer for available discounts

  3. Look at all medical bills when you receive them and check for errors

  4. Compare rates with different companies for the same coverage

  5. Be aware of your co-pay, deductible and premiums with each

  6. Understand the differences between PPOs, HMOs, POS and traditional plans on your rates and services

  7. Consider a Health Savings Account

Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance Quotes

Comparing a quote from Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance Company with other providers like Aetna, Assurant, Celtic, United Healthcare, Humana, and others is simple by going to the free health insurance quote tool above and getting valuable information today! Get started with your free health insurance company comparison now!