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Celtic Health Insurance Company

The Celtic health insurance company has a wide variety of plans for the potential insurance buyer. Their full range of programs cover anything from someone seeking health insurance for a few months to someone needing major medical coverage to someone looking to provide insurance to an uninsured child. The company was founded in 1978 in Chicago, IL to provide insurance, reinsurance, and to act a broker in group life and health insurance.

Today, the company has narrowed its scope and advertises itself as a company committed to individual health insurance plans. While still headquartered in Chicago, they now maintain sales offices in both Chicago and Charlotte, NC. They are licensed in the District of Colombia and all the states except New York. The A.M Rest company, a company that specializes in providing insurance ratings, has given the Celtic health insurance company a financial rating of “A”, comparable to “Excellent” and the company boasts of having no “junk bonds, real estate or mortgage loans [or] any outstanding debt.”

The Celtic Basic Plan

Celtics basic health care plan is advertised a “no-hassle” PPO coverage plan. Anyone 6 months thru 64.5 years are qualified for coverage. The basic plan offers an 80/20 coinsurance and a choice of an annual deductible. A $200 wellness benefit can also be earned yearly. The maximum lifetime payout is $5 million dollars. Other benefits of the plan include a free Rx discount or an optional copay drug coverage benefit.

CeltiCare II

Some of the major differences of the CeltiCare II plan, as compared to the more basic packages they offer is that the maximum lifetime payment is upped to $7 million and participants have the option of a $15 dollar copay for approved doctors or a $35 dollar copay for any doctor the patient chooses, regardless of whether the doctor is on Celtic’s approved doctor list.

CelticSaver HSA Health Plan

Those insurance buyers who anticipate needing major medical coverage or those wishing in enroll in a health savings account would benefit most from this Celtic health insurance plan. The CelticSaver plan is only for those ages 18-64.5. Additionally, the plan offers the option of an 80/20 coinsurance or 100% coinsurance after the deductible is met.


The CeltiCare plan is a plan to insure children. Whether you are looking to insure a child that is not in your custody or just looking a payment plan that may be cheaper than going thru the provider this plan may be an option.

Celtic Short -Term Health Insurance

As the name implies a short-term Celtic health insurance plan is for the individual looking to have insurance for a short time frame. Celtic offers a plan from anywhere from one month to six months.

Other Celtic Health Insurance Plans

The Conversion coverage program is another plan that Celtic health insurance offers. This plan offers post-employment benefits to the buyer. Another plan is a take on the short-term plan, but specially designed for the post-grad buyer with the option to renew for a total of 12 months.

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The Celtic health insurance company is a well-established company that offers a variety of plans for the buyer. Like any insurance company however, plan availability and benefits may vary by state. To view the top health insurance companies that offer coverage in your home zip code just use our free quote finding tool at the top of the page or on our home page to view personalized health insurance rate quotes. Compare Celtic and other top health insurance companies like United Healthcare, Humana, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, UniCare, Golden Rule, Continental General, United American, Kaiser Permanente, Anthem, Assurant and others side by side! Get started saving money on health insurance now!