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Continental General Health Insurance Company

Continental General Health Insurance Company is a company with a solid reputation. Are they right for you? 

Many health insurance companies will leave you wanting to know more and you must call in to get that information. As a health insurance company, Continental General is focused on the customer.  They are concerned with your satisfaction above all else. 

This article will help you determine if health insurance from Continental General will best meet your needs.

Continental General Health Insurance Company’s Reputation

Continental General Health Insurance Company has been in the insurance business since 1961.   This company offers products with a focus on having something for someone of any age.  There is a very extensive amount of coverage available for seniors and then the more traditional options for individuals and families. 

Each plan offered by Continental General Health Insurance Company is also customizable.  You can choose options to add to your plan to make it fit your needs.  Additionally, being able to customize your plan also means you customize the price.  Keep in mind as you get quotes from multiple insurers that you get those based on similar coverage options.

Health insurance today is a very difficult expense because often you are stuck with cookie cutter plans.  At Continental General you always have a choice.  Take a look at some of the options this insurer offers below.

Senior Health Insurance From Continental General Health Insurance Company

There are many different options in senior health insurance coverage from Continental General Health Insurance Company.  You will be able to choose the coverage that you need. 

  1. Medicare supplement insurance.  This option allows you choices in plans and affordable rates. 

  2. Long term care insurance offers coverage for nursing home and assisting living needs.  It is available for ages 40 to 84. 

  3. Short term insurance offers convalescent care for ages 45 to 80. 

  4. Hospital and acute recovery care indemnity plan is for ages 45 to 80.  The benefit period covers 180 days and covers hospital, assisted living and long term care.

It can be very difficult for you to find health insurance when you are over a certain age.  This is because insurance companies prefer to insure people who are not going to be likely to use their services.  They make more money when their enrollees do not use the insurance coverage. 

Seniors are a risk because it is natural as you get older that you need more health care.  Some insurance companies even stop insuring people at a certain age.  That is why Continental General Health Insurance Company offers the senior health care plans.

You can be sure that you can find good coverage that is affordable.  Many times insurance companies who offer senior benefits will raise the prices due to the risk factor.  That is not what happens with Continental General Health Insurance.  You will find coverage get a locked in rate for a set period of time

Major Medical Insurance From Continental General Health Insurance (CGI)

The major medical insurance options from Continental General Health Insurance offer you HSA qualified plans that give you higher deductibles with lower premiums and more control over your care.  You can also go with a traditional plan where you can choose your benefit level and get options like prescription coverage, dental, comprehensive and short term coverage. 

You not only get coverage options but you can shape the plan with a choice of deductibles that allows you to customize your rates.

As with senior health coverage, many insurance companies are quite picky as to whom they will insure.  It causes problems for someone who may have a rocky medical history, a family history of serious health conditions or be overweight or smoke.  Any risk factors like these could mean high premiums and possibly even ban you from being insured by the company at all.  With the customer being the top priority, Continental General Health Insurance Company works hard to bring everyone insurance coverage that they can afford.

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The only way that you will decide if Continental General Health Insurance Company is your best option is to get quotes from this company and a few others and compare. Use our free quote tool above to start comparing your health insurance options now!