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Fidelity Health Insurance Company

Fidelity health insurance company realizes that there is a problem with health insurance coverage.  Many people are unaware that they are missing out on an insurance product that could really be important to their future. 

The typical health insurance company, Fidelity is not.  Fidelity has a focus on bring long term care health insurance coverage to the forefront and let people see the importance of this type of coverage. 

Read this article for some information on Fidelity health insurance company and then when you are finished be sure and use our free quote finder to compare rate quote from top health insurance companies side by side online.

Long Term Care Solutions From Fidelity Health Insurance Company

Long term health insurance is often overlooked when a person handles their health insurance needs.  This is because people mistakenly think that they will be able to handle any long term health care needs that may come up in their future. 

Unfortunately, long term care is very expensive.  Out of pocket expenses for long term care can wipe out a persons retirement savings, leaving them with nothing to live off.  As of 2005, the average costs on long term care looked like this:

  • $25.32 per hour for a home health aide

  • $32,294 annual cost for private one-room assisted living care

  • $70,912 annual cost for single room at a nursing home

These figures are staggering and they continue to rise each year.  Imagine what the cost will be when you reach retirement age.  You have to have long term health insurance in order to be able to be secure in your retirement. 

Fidelity health insurance company brings you a long term health care insurance option that allows you to be prepared for whatever may come in your future.

Policy Options From Fidelity Health Insurance Company

Having long term care insurance from Fidelity health insurance company helps pay for the actual expenses of your long term care.  Benefits pay out when you can not perform only 2 activities of daily living, such as feeding yourself and bathing yourself or when you are cognitively impaired, such as with Alzheimer’s Disease. 

The insurance options from Fidelity provide for a range of care services, included home care.  The type of policy you choose will dictate the cost of the policy.

In general, long term health care insurance is one of the most costly health insurance coverage options.  This is because it is almost guaranteed that you will need it.  In fact, it has been shown that as of age 65, 60% of people will need long term care. 

Having coverage in the end is more cost effective then having no coverage when you consider all the costs of long term care.

Underwriting Considerations With Fidelity Health Insurance Company

Being prepared for the underwriting process is going to help you get approved and get your long term care coverage started as quickly as possible. 

When you are getting prepared you should make sure that you have gathered all of your medical records and information.  You will have to get a physical through a company professional.  The health care provider will come to you and perform the physical free of charge. 

The underwriting process can take four to six weeks to complete.  Once you are approved or denied you will be contacted by a Fidelity representative and the decision will be explained to you.

Reasons To Get Long Term Care Health Insurance From Fidelity Health Insurance Company

Long term care is usually not covered under a typical health insurance plan.  Even with Medicare coverage you will still end up paying out of pocket for expenses.  Long term care can be expensive. 

Besides cost, though, you get more options and can get the care you want with a private policy from Fidelity health insurance company.  You will be more likely to be able to stay in your own home and receive care instead of having to go to a care facility. 

Being secure and happy in your retirement is important, so choosing Fidelity long term care insurance is the best choice if you want to have control over your future.

Get Long Term Care Health Insurance Quotes From Fidelity Health Insurance Company

Your first step in securing long term care health insurance or traditional health insurance is getting a quote.  Use our easy quote tool to see what rates and coverage options you can get from Fidelity and other top insurers like Blue Cross, John Hancock, Genworth, United Healthcare, Aetna, and others. 

You will be able to quickly see what works best for you so you can get the long term care health insurance coverage and major medical health insurance coverage you need to be well prepared for your future.

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