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Fortis Health Insurance Company

With so many providers around the country, you may wonder how to determine if Fortis Health Insurance Company is the best choice for you. 

This article will give you information on the health insurance offerings that Fortis Company offers, and will give some suggestions for making this important decision.

Remember, no one health insurance company is the bottom line best in the business; the true question is if Fortis is the best one for you.

About Fortis Health Insurance Company

Fortis Health Insurance Company only offers health insurance.  They do not try to provide other products, which they say lets them offer more focused and attentive service.  High quality coverage and superior service being the ultimate goal.

Fortis Health Insurance Company offers plans for individuals, families and small groups.  The needs of the customer are always at the forefront, so there are many options in coverage that allow customers to choose a policy that works well for them.

With Fortis Health Insurance Company there is a combination of good service and great choice.  When you are shopping for health insurance both of these things are important this is why Fortis wants to make sure that you consider them when comparing insurance providers.

Benefits From Fortis Health Insurance Company

With the plans offered from Fortis Health Insurance Company you will get a range of benefits.  Can they meet your needs and price range? Here are some of the benefits that may make a difference in your life.

  • No Referrals. You will never need a referral under any Fortis plan.  Referrals are not required for any service covered under the plan.  This is a great freedom since so many insurance companies make referrals a mandatory part of their plans. It also saves you an added co-pay and the time involved in visiting your primary provider.

  • World Wide. The Fortis plans also provide world wide coverage.  This is a great peace of mind if you travel often, especially to different countries.  You are always assured that your medical coverage is handled when you have a Fortis plan.

  • 1 Year Guarantee. The first year’s rate of a Fortis plan is always guaranteed.  You will not have to worry about skyrocketing costs once you sign on because you will have the rate you were given for at least the whole first year of coverage.

  • Provider Choice. You also get a choice of doctors and hospitals under every Fortis plan.  You will be able to choose the doctor you want to handle your care instead of have dictated to you who you can and can not see.

There are many factors you are going to consider when you are shopping around for a health insurance provider.  The benefits explained here are some of the top things that people are looking for in an insurance provider.  Fortis claims that they work hard to stay on top by making sure all your needs are handled, even before you are a customer.

Plan Options From Fortis Health Insurance Company

Fortis Health Insurance Company is not shy abut offering choices in different plans.  They also strive to offer more than choice with their variety of plan options.  Some of the plan choices from Fortis include:

  • Special plans – long term, short term, self employed, student, international

  • Network plans

  • Traditional plans

  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

The special plans listed above are why many people are drawn to this company. With comprehensive coverage options, Fortis Health Insurance Company provides variety and choice which allows them to serve a large range of customers. 

It is also quite easy to get information on what Fortis plans offer because of their friendly and informative customer service and well maintained website, which are also tools you will be able to use as a customer of the company.

Compare Fortis Health Insurance Quotes

One of the only ways to really see what Fortis Health Insurance Company has to offer is to get a quote.  You can use our quote tool to check and see what type of deal Fortis can offer you as well as compare their rates to other top health insurance companies. 

You can also check out the different plans they offer and see what would make the best choice for you.  Get started comparing Fortis Health Insurance Company with other providers today.

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