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GHl Health Insurance Company

GHI Health Insurance Company, unlike many others, takes a more personal approach to health insurance.  They offer a variety of different tools to help improve health and maintain healthy living, in addition to providing health insurance to their customers. 

GHI Health Insurance Company offers many coverage options to those living in the New York area.  By getting a GHI Health Insurance Company plan, you will have access to numerous benefits and advantages.

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GHI PPO Health Insurance Plans

The most popular GHI Health Insurance Company plans are the PPO plans: Alliance 365 Hospital Plan and the Alliance Value Plan.  Each plan includes and excludes different illness events and should be researched thoroughly before purchase.

Alliance 365 Hospital Plan:  The Alliance 365 Hospital Plan covers all inpatient and in network hospital services such as maternity care, hospice care, and hospital coverage.  Outpatient services that are covered in full are ambulatory surgery and home health care.  However, what the Alliance 365 Hospital Plan doesn’t cover are medical services such as office visits, annual physicals, OB/GYN visits, chiropractic visits, etc.  Basically, the Alliance 365 Hospital Plan only covers inpatient stays and procedures. 

Alliance Value Plan:  The Alliance Value Plan is very similar to the Alliance 365 Hospital Plan, except that where the Hospital Plan covers in full the cost of inpatient mental health services, the Value Plan does not.  The Value Plan also includes in-network pharmacy benefits that the Alliance 365 Hospital Plan does not cover.

GHI HMO Health Insurance Plans

Of course, GHI doesn’t just offer PPO plans.  It offers HMO plans as well.  These include Direct Pay HMO and Direct Pay HMO POS.  GHI Health Insurance Company’s HMO network consists of 44,000 network providers for New York Residents.  There are so many that you can choose from a wide variety of physicians that will be sure to fit your needs. 

Direct Pay HMO: The Direct Pay HMO Plan offered by GHI Health Insurance Company covers many things in full, after a co-payment of usually $500.  It includes complete hospital, medical, and prescription drug coverage.

Direct Pay HMO POS: The Direct Pay HMO POS Plan covers in network hospital charges in full, without a co-payment as well as office visits and preventative care visits.  There are co-pays associated with other services that are covered in the PPO Plan, though.    

Benefits Of Buying From The GHI Health Insurance Company

GHI Health Insurance Company offers many incentives for their customers that include discount programs for retail chains and many tools to help manage any health condition.

Good Health Incentives:  Good health incentives are used by the GHI Health Insurance Company to help your family live a healthier lifestyle for less money.  They offer discounts to weight-loss chains such as Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, and Weight Watchers, as well as offering major discounts if you see registered dieticians, massage therapists, and acupuncturists.  Not only that, they also allow you to save money on the purchase of vitamins and natural supplements.  All you have to do to use the GHI Health Insurance Company’s Good Health Incentives is to purchase an insurance policy with the company, receive your discount card, and start using it.  It’s that easy. 

Managing Health Conditions:  GHI Health Insurance Company also offers their customers the opportunity to learn more about their health conditions and to actively take part in their treatment.  The GHI Health Insurance Company Website offers links to some of the best resources regarding asthma, arthritis, depression, diabetes, and osteoporosis, among others. 

Snacks For Kids:  GHI Health Insurance Company offers advice to their customers on the growing concern of obesity in children.  In order to combat obesity, they’ve created a Snacks4Kids program that educates parents on the best ways to avoid feeding children high calorie and high fat snacks.  They focus on health eating habits and only providing healthy snacks to children. 

Maternity Care:  Another perk of being a GHI Health Insurance Customer is the Maternity Care Support that the company offers.  Whether it is your first pregnancy that is full of questions or your third pregnancy that seems a little odd, GHI Health Insurance Company can help you ease your mind by providing you with pre-conception planning as well as an essential guide to pregnancy and newborn care.

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