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Great West Health Insurance Company

Great West Health Insurance Company serves millions of people countrywide through a wide range of health insurance plans, disability and life insurance, annuities, and retirement savings services. 

Great West Health Insurance caters to companies of all sizes to help provide health insurance to all employees.  They pride themselves in consumer driven health care and are leaders in that particular field. 

Great West Health Insurance Company truly offers an alternative to traditional health care and the traditional health insurance company.

Great West Health Insurance Company And Consumer Driven Health Care

Great West Health Insurance Company believes that the best way for employers to help combat the current health care crisis we are in is for employees to help their employers and providers with managing health care.  This is the basis for Consumer Driven Health Care (CDHC).  Employees help take control of their health by making informed choices and lifestyle changes that contribute to the lowering of health care costs. 

Inflation has risen up to 3% in the last 10 years but health care costs have risen 11% or more.  Also, since the year 2000, health care costs have increased by double digit amounts.  Employers are facing the most burdens from the rise in health care costs as the average rate to insure one employee has doubled in 5 years.

The burden has tried to be alleviated by raising deductibles, having high co-pays and co-insurance.  However, Consumer Driven Health Care plans can help reduce the burden on employers even farther by as much as 18-20%.

Great West Health Insurance Company Consumer Driven Health Care Plans

Before plans can be presented, it is necessary to really flesh out what Consumer Driven Health Care is.  Essentially, it can be easily understood in 5 points.  These are:

Personal Health:  It’s easy enough to understand that people who take control of their health lead happier and healthier lives with very little to pay in health care costs.  Great West Health Insurance offers several resources to the 10% who use nearly 80% of all health care costs.  Helping these people better their health is the easiest way to lower costs for us all.

Behavioral Changes: In order to maintain or gain personal health, some behavioral changes must be made and people must believe that it makes a difference. 

Responsibility:  Consumer Driven Health Care only works when employees take control of their need for health care.  Many leave problems undiagnosed because they feel it is “nothing,” or because “they have it under control.”  Waiting to get diagnosed can potentially lead to life threatening illnesses that raise the cost of health care. 

Time:  Sometimes, life-threatening illnesses develop quickly and it may be necessary to make quick decisions.  Consumer Driven Health Care can help you make sure you’re making the right decisions for you.

Plans:  Choosing the right Consumer Driven Health Care plan is perhaps the most important of all the points.  Making sure that you understand exactly what you’re getting is essential for saving money.

Great West Health Insurance Plans And Programs

Now that you have a more firm understanding of what Consumer Driven Health Care is, you’ll be better able to understand the plans and programs that Great West Insurance offers their customers.  

Medical Outreach Program:  The Medical Outreach Program offered by Great West Health Insurance is split into 3 different areas: Health management, disease management, and care management.  Health management offers interactive tools for their customers to use to proactively manage their health.  Disease management offers patients with chronic conditions the ability to manage their symptoms and lead a healthier lifestyle.  Care management targets those with acute conditions and provides them with several resources like finding the right doctor or where to find community support.

Great West Health Care Consumer Advantage: Great West Health Insurance believes that nothing should be rushed into, especially when switching to Consumer Driven Health Care.  They’re created the Great West Health Care Consumer Advantage in order to bridge the gap between traditional healthcare and Consumer Driven Health Care.  This plan offers a tiered PPO system that uses co-pays and co-insurance while educating those not familiar with the idea of Consumer Driven Health Care at a more affordable cost. 

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