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Guardian Health Insurance Company

Guardian Health Insurance Company is a subsidiary of Guardian Life Insurance Company of America and has a variety of different heath insurance benefits available.  Guardian Health Insurance Company is one of the oldest health insurance companies around, founded in 1860 in New York and currently employs 5,000 employees in over 80 agencies across the nation.  Guardian Health Insurance Company offers everything from dental insurance to disability insurance.

Guardian Health Insurance Plans

Guardian Health Insurance Company offers Guardian Group Medical, a great plan for employers to offer their employees at a relatively cheap price.  Guardian Health Insurance Company believes that medical coverage is one of the most important benefits an employer can provide and is prepared to offer a wide range of options. 

Medical benefits from Guardian Health Insurance Company offer these perks:

Preventative Health:  All Guardian Health Insurance plans include gynecological exams, bone density screenings, mammograms, prostate screenings, and immunizations.  Preventative health, in the long run, saves everyone money because it has the potential to catch life threatening illnesses early.

Resources:  In addition to preventative health, Guardian Health Insurance Company also provides various different health and wellness resources for their clients.  There is a variety of online educational resources, as well as discounts on services like alternative medicine practitioners, a variety of different gyms, and prescription drug programs. 

National Networks:  Guardian Health Insurance offers access to over 450,000 providers and over 4,000 facilities.  In order to provide you with the best doctor available, they offer an electronic provider directory to make it easier for you to locate a doctor.  They also provide a complimentary network that is a lower cost alternative to out of network care.

Claims:  Guardian Health Insurance Company guarantees a 90% turnaround within 15 days of filing a claim.  They are known for their fast customer service and timely claims. 

Guardian Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Disability Insurance, And Life Insurance

In addition to medical insurance, Guardian Health Insurance Company also provides dental, vision, disability, and life insurance and is perhaps one of the most well-rounded companies available to provide more than just medical insurance.

Dental Insurance:  Guardian Health Insurance Company believes that there is a strong link between oral health and overall wellness.  Routine dental examinations can help detect up to 125 different diseases that includes heart disease, diabetes, ulcers, and kidney disease. 

Guardian offers one of the largest Preferred Provider Organizations in the country with around 90,000 providers nationwide.

Dental coverage under Guardian Health Insurance Company offers coverage of dental implants, cancer detection, periodontal treatments, and adult fluoride treatments.  They also offer a Maximum Rollover, which allows patients to roll over any unused premiums from year to year.  Dental insurance claims generally turnaround in 3 days. 

Vision Insurance:  Guardian Health Insurance Company is also a major provider of vision insurance in the country because they believe that vision health can also lead to better overall health.  Glaucoma, diabetes, and blindness can usually be prevented when risks are caught early.  Routine eye exams are necessary for proper vision health. 

Members can visit any provider that they wish, but can save a significant amount of money if they visit an in network provider.  Vision insurance covers optional benefits like lens tinting, anti-reflective coating, and safety glasses, among other things. 

It also provides up to a 25% discount on lasik vision correction, cosmetic enhancements, and additional glasses.  Vision insurance provided by Guardian Health Insurance Company also lets contact lens wearers replace any coverage on traditional glasses with coverage on contact lenses. 

Disability Insurance:  Disability insurance is an important factor in the overall health insurance package an employer provides for their employees.  It is so valuable simply because it protects a person’s ability to earn an income and support themselves. 

Guardian Health Insurance Company offers a wide variety of short and long term disability packages that can fit any budget. 

They also offer a Critical Disability Supplement that covers the gap between traditional disability insurance and serious long term disability. 

There is also a pension supplement that ensures that in the event of a disability, a person’s pension contributions don’t stop during the time of unemployment.

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