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Harvard Pilgrim Health Insurance Company

Harvard Pilgrim Health Insurance Company offers more than 28,000 doctors and 135 hospitals in their network, making them one of the Northeast’s leading health insurance providers. 

Health insurance from Harvard Pilgrim offers more than just traditional medical plans.  They also offer discounts to their members in a variety of different fields. 

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Harvard Pilgrim Health Insurance Plans

Harvard Pilgrim Health Insurance offers many plans for employers to offer their employees as well as a convenient plan for individuals to buy if health insurance isn’t provided by an employer. 

Buy Direct Plan:  The Buy Direct Plan offered by Harvard Pilgrim Health Insurance offers individuals in Massachusetts the opportunity to buy directly from the company rather than purchasing health insurance through an employer. 

Individuals can choose from a variety of different plans including HMO plans and PPO plans.  They also offer a plan that is combination PPO and Health Savings Account in order to provide individual consumer with just the right plan that fits their needs. 

Highlights of all their plans include a $150 fitness club reimbursement, savings on chiropractic care, acupuncturists, etc.  They also offer no waiting periods for coverage to begin and emergency medical coverage no matter where you are in the world. 

HMO Plans:  HMO plans are offered by Harvard Pilgrim Health Insurance directly to employers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.  Coverage features comprehensive coverage for a wide range of preventative health and medical services.  These include routine office visits, pediatric baby care, hospitalization, and immunizations. 

Members typically choose a primary care physician in the HMO network and that doctor will arrange for and provide the necessary care that you may need.  Services are usually covered in full by co-payments and it virtually eliminates the need for claims forms and the overall hassle of having a bill to pay. 

POS Plans:  POS plans are also offered to employers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine by Harvard Pilgrim Health Insurance.  POS Plans cover many of the same health events that the HMO Plans cover: preventative health, medical services, immunizations, etc.  But, POS plans generally have some sort of prescription drug coverage that HMO plans don’t offer. 

Members do choose a primary care physician but do not need that doctor’s referral to see a specialist.  Members also can visit hospital, doctors, and health care specialists that are not a part of Harvard Pilgrim’s provider network.  However, visits outside the network are subject to deductibles and co-insurance rather than just a co-payment that is asked for when an in-network provider is visited. 

PPO Plans:  PPO plans are only offered to employers that reside in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine by Harvard Pilgrim Health Insurance.  It covers preventative health, medical services, immunizations, pediatric baby-care, office visits, hospitalization, etc.  Prescription drug coverage may also be purchased under Harvard Pilgrim Health Insurance’s PPO plans. 

Members can choose to receive care for covered services from providers who belong to the Harvard Pilgrim network or from those who don’t.  When visiting an in-network provider, members pay through co-payments.  When visiting providers outside the network, deductibles and co-insurance may apply.

Perks Of Purchasing Harvard Pilgrim Health Insurance

Harvard Pilgrim Health Insurance also offers discounts and savings on a wide variety of different services.  These include:

Fitness Discounts:  Harvard Pilgrim members can receive up to $150 worth of fitness reimbursements as well as discounts to select fitness clubs.  Members can also receive up to a 15% manufacturers discount on home fitness equipment, exercise videos, and athletic footwear.  The healthier you are, the less you have to spend on health care.  Harvard Pilgrim wants to help by providing these discounts. 

Safety Products:  Harvard Pilgrim also offers discounts on items like bicycle helmets, knee and elbow pads, etc. in order to help prevent major outdoor accidents that may be due to trying to get fit.  Preventing major medical issues before they begin is the best way to lower health care costs for individuals, employers, and the health care system.   

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