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Health Net Health Insurance Company

Health Net Health Insurance Company is one of the largest providers of health insurance in California.  Their network includes over 50,000 physicians and 4,600 pharmacies that work together to bring you what may be just the right amount of coverage for your needs. 

The National Committee for Quality Assurance has ranked Health Net Health Insurance Company with a status of “Excellent,” which is the highest a company can receive.  There are dozens of plan options for individuals and families to choose from to meet any coverage need and budget. 

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Health Net Health Insurance Plans

Health Net Health Insurance Company offers a wide variety of health insurance plans guaranteed to fit any individual or family needs as well as any budget. 

PPO insurance provided by Health Net Health Insurance Company offers many different plans for many different people.  You get to choose your own provider and don’t need referrals to go to specialists or to physicians that are out of the network. 

Short Term PPO:  If you’re looking for short term PPO insurance, Health Net Health Insurance Company has Quick Net, which ideal for those who need temporary insurance.  If you’re not sure if you need temporary insurance, you’ll need it if you are a student on break, those in between jobs, or those waiting for other health insurance to start.  Quick Net can offer up to 6 months of coverage that can begin in under 24 hours.

First Choice PPO:  First Choice PPO gives you $500 toward the cost of your health care before you have to start paying on your deductible.  If you don’t visit the doctor very often, you might not have to pay anything else for the remainder of the year for your health care.

Simple Choice:  Simple Choice is offered by Health Net Health Insurance Company as an easy solution for health insurance.  It gives you low out of pocket maximums and fixed co-payments on only the services you and your family will use.  It is designed for those who don’t want the hassle of trying to understand exactly what their health insurance is. 

Simple Choice HSA/Smart Choice HSA:  Simple and Smart Choice HSA provided by Health Net Health Insurance Company are perfect for those who don’t mind high deductibles with their PPO plan.  In order to get the freedom you need and the security of PPO coverage, the Health Savings Account is right for you.  The Health Savings Account allows you to put money aside in a tax-free account to be used on medical expenses only.  In the end, this lowers your premium giving you great health care at a price you can afford. 

Value Choice Health Insurance:  Value Choice Health Insurance provided by Health Net Health Insurance Company is for those who rarely visit the doctor and only want coverage for major medical expenses.  You pay very little per month and are only covered for major medical events, usually hospitalization.

HMO plans work a little differently than PPO plans.  You have to pick a primary care physician and that physician has responsibility for your heath care.  You’ll need a referral to see a specialist or a doctor that is out of the network in order to be covered by an HMO plan. 

HMO Plan 15:  HMO Plan 15 provided by Health Net Health Insurance allows you to visit the doctor on a regular basis.  You monthly premiums may be higher, but you pay less out of pocket for co-payments.    

HMO Plan 40:  HMO Plan 40 provided by Health Net Health Insurance Company works exactly the opposite as the HMO Plan 15.  You don’t get to visit the doctor as often so your monthly payments will be lower.  When you do go to the doctor however, your co-payments will be more expensive. 

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