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Highmark Health Insurance Company

Highmark Health Insurance Company has given millions of people in Pennsylvania quality health insurance since 1930.  The official company mission is to provide access to health care in order for more people to live happier and healthier lives.  Highmark is a health insurance company that is known for offering very valuable options and advantages to its members.

Highmark Health Insurance Company Core Values

Highmark Health Insurance Company is known for their four trademark values:

  1. United In Mission: All employees who work for Highmark Health Insurance Company are united in the same mission, which is providing health insurance to more people so they live longer. 

  2. Dedicated To Excellence:  Highmark Health Insurance Company is also known for their dedication to excellence and their ability to provide effective customer service to everyone.

  3. Committed To Integrity:  One of the most important values to Highmark Health Insurance Company is their ability to serve their members without fraudulent means.  Integrity means getting all claims filed faster and accurately so no one will suffer.

  4. Focused on Customers: Highmark Health Insurance Company’s focus on customers and not money gives them an edge over their competitors in providing the best health care to more people. 

Highmark Health Insurance Plans

Highmark Health Insurance Company offers dozens of plans for Pennsylvania residents across every walk of life: new graduates, newly married couples, families, those between jobs, empty nesters, etc.  Each category has more than 5 different kinds of health insurance plans to choose from with every range of deductible possible, that is sure to fit any budget or lifestyle.

For individuals with families, here are the options provided by Highmark Health Insurance Company:

Low Monthly Premiums:  If you’re looking for low monthly premiums, Highmark Health Insurance Company offers three different plans that will lower your monthly payments.  The PPO Blue plan offers comprehensive health insurance with a preferred provider with your choice of a $1200 deductible, a $2600 deductible, or a $3500 deductible.  Each higher deductible plan will lower your monthly payments considerably, but should only be purchased if you can afford the out of pocket expenses associated with the deductible.  These plans are ideal for those who don’t anticipate a lot of medical care.

� Value And Freedom: The Value and Freedom Plans offered by Highmark Health Insurance Company give Pennsylvania families the option of seeing the doctor more, for less.  The Direct Blue Plan is an individual preferred provider plan with deductibles of $0, $250, and $500.  Each plan offers in-network services at the deductible of your choosing, allowing you and your family greater freedom in controlling your medical care.

Broad Benefits:  If you’re looking for a broad range of benefits without the hassle of filling out medical questionnaires, Highmark Health Insurance Company can offer you the Classic Blue Comprehensive plans with deductibles at $750 and $1500.  These plans are guaranteed to be issued to those who apply.

Highmark Health Insurance Company Advantages

If your nest has been recently emptied, Highmark Health Insurance Company has plans for you too.  If you’re looking for the protection of your savings account from the high cost of medical care; have been thinking about re-evaluating your insurance since the kids have moved out; are interested in exploring different health insurance options; or if you’re just looking for protection in case of needing long term care, Highmark Health Insurance Company can help.

Value And Freedom: The Value and Freedom plans, offered by Highmark Health Insurance Company to those with an empty nest, are medically underwritten plans with deductibles at $0, $250, and $500.  They offer you and your spouse the ability to choose in network doctors for a cheap deductible and the freedom to choose your own doctors.  

Tax Advantages:  Highmark Health Insurance Company also offers several plans that give you tax advantages with deductibles ranging from $1200 to $3500.  The deductibles cover in-network and out of network physician visits, so there is no extra charge if you see an out of network doctor. 

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