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Humana Health Insurance Company

Humana Health Insurance Company is a leading provider of health insurance across the United States.  They offer a wide variety of health care guidance that is meant to help people understand what health insurance they need to purchase, and to understand exactly what is in their policies. Humana One Health Insurance Company believes education is important because it can ultimately save you money in the long run and because it will help you use your health care with confidence. Humana Health Insurance Company has something to fit everyone.

Health Care For Seniors Provided By Humana Health Insurance Company

Humana Health Insurance Company is offering more Medicare plans under the Humana Medicare umbrella than ever before.  Offers range from Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D, as well as Medigap insurance to help bridge the gap between what Medicare pays and what you have to pay. 

Now, Humana Health Insurance Company is offering seniors more options than ever to provide themselves with health insurance.  But, it isn’t just about having health insurance; it is about making educated decisions when using it.  Humana Health Insurance Company offers resources for all seniors who subscribe to a Medicare plan.

Additionally, Medicare prescription drug plan members receive a personalized monthly statement called Smart Summary Rx. 

Health Care For Individuals From Humana Health Insurance Company

Humana Health Insurance Company offers group health insurance, as well as individual health insurance, and have plans for each that involve their customers being a part of every step of the process.  For those that are concerned about preventative health, Humana Health Insurance Company has resources to help you understand what preventative health entails.  Humana Health Insurance Company even has a Wizard to help you find the cheapest, most affordable health insurance for your individual needs. 

Humana Health Insurance Company Is Helping Change Health Care

One of the most unique aspects of Humana Health Insurance Company is that they are actively seeking to change the health care system.  They believe that health care is in critical condition and the only way to escape it is for health care consumers to be actively participating in all decisions regarding the health care system.

Employers have to do their duty and not see the health care system as a commodity while providers have to practice precise medicine in order to reduce the cost of health care associated with malpractice and second opinions. 

Humana Health Insurance Company also recognizes that health insurance companies need to change as well.  Humana is taking charge and leading change by acknowledging that lifestyle related health problems are eating up the health care system. 

In order to try and change that, Humana Health Insurance Company is giving data to more people regarding the proper way to lead a healthy lifestyle.  They are asking consumers to be responsible for their actions and to take an active role in their own future by getting healthy.  Since it is the consumers who bear the financial burden of health care, it is more important than ever for people to understand why their health care costs are rising. 

Individualized Humana Health Insurance Company Plans

Humana offers a wide variety of plans for individuals and families looking for health insurance.  The Portrait and Autograph Plans should cover almost anyone looking for affordable health insurance. 

Portrait Plans: The Humana Health Insurance Company Portrait plans are ideal for those who want benefits like those provided by employers.  The Portrait level plans offer concierge like service with all customer service associates and pays for 80% of most in network doctor and hospital visits.  The Portrait plans also cover 100% of in network doctor visits for covered illnesses after a co-payment.

Autograph Plans:  Autograph plans are perfect for those people who are seeking the right combination of health care features and benefits.  It includes plans that can be combined with a Health Savings Account for tax purposes as well as coverage that pays 70-100% of the covered costs for most in network care after your deductible has been paid. 

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