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Infinity Health Insurance

(NOTE: Infinity Health is NOT a health insurance company but rather a TPA or Third Party Administrator). Many mistakenly refer to them as Infinity Health Insurance Company and they are known for their consumer driven health plans because they provide low cost individual and group health insurance plans for those in the New York area.

Infinity Health Insurance is also an advocate of superior customer service, because they provide their members with free consultations with licensed insurance agents. 

Infinity Health Insurance offers medical and dental plans to those who are looking for temporary coverage (new graduates, those in between jobs, etc.), as well as long term care health insurance.

Infinity Health Insurance Plans

Infinity Health Insurance is practically guaranteed to offer plans that will fit any budget.  They offer the Health Flex + plan, the Health Flex 365 plan, and the Health Flex 55 plan.  These three plans can offer almost any consumer the coverage that they need from a health insurance company.

Health Flex +: The Health Flex + plan offered by Infinity Health Insurance allows you to be involved in your own health care.  They believe the reason why HMOs fail is because they take you out of any decision making process that needs to be made.  They essentially charge you to be sick in advance by charging very high premiums. 

With Infinity Health Insurance, the money that you don’t have to spend on health care, you get to keep.  Individuals get to keep approximately $1500 per year and families get to keep approximately $8,000.  

The Health Flex + plan pays for hospital insurance that includes room and board, nursing, operating and recovery rooms, supplies, radiation, chemotherapy, maternity, dialysis, and more.  Infinity Health Insurance also provides over 500,000 in network providers so you can have the freedom to choose which doctor you want to visit.  There is one important thing to note however.  The Health Flex + plan is only available in New York State.

Health Flex 365: The Health Flex 365 plan offered by Infinity Health Insurance gives consumers the opportunity to have prescription, dental, and vision coverage, as well as medical coverage.  You are guaranteed for this insurance because no matter who applies, you can’t be turned down.  The Health Flex 365 is also available in all states. 

Typical savings with the Health Flex 365 plan include savings of at least $40.00 on office visits, $51.00 on chest x-rays, a $2888.12 savings on having your appendix removed, and a $3092.21 savings on fixing a hernia.  Savings will vary from state to state, but most are consistent.  Prescription drug coverage usually gives you a 13% discount on brand name drugs and a 30-50% discount on generic drugs. 

The dental plan in the Health Flex 365 plan allows you to have an unlimited use of services as well as lower cost procedures.  You can switch dentists at any time and orthodontics are included.

Health Flex 55:  The Health Flex 55 plan offered by Infinity Health Insurance works a little differently than the rest of the plans.  It only covers prescription drugs, dental, and vision.  It is perfect for those consumers who have medical benefits that don’t cover prescription drugs, dental visits, or vision services.  Infinity Health Insurance offers 53,000 participating pharmacies nationwide with 13% savings on brand name prescription drugs.  Generic prescription drugs are eligible for a 30-50% discount. 

Dental insurance by Infinity Health Insurance gives you the freedom to see the dentist as many times as you need to without penalty.  Most dental plans have a cap on the number of visits you can use during a plan year.  The Health Flex 55 doesn’t.  You can see the dentist an unlimited amount of times and still save money on the costs of procedures.  You also have the freedom to switch dentists at any time and choose from thousands of participating dentists in the network.

Vision coverage offers optical care discounts at major chains like Pearl Vision and Sterling Optical. 

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