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John Alden Health Insurance Company

Named for one the first settlers of the Plymouth Colony, John Alden Heath Insurance Company is a subsidiary of the more recognizable Assurant Health

John Alden Health Insurance was actually once the John Alden Life Insurance Company of Miami, Florida.  Since 1961 this company sold life insurance until 1998 when it was purchased by the former Fortis, now Assurant Health. 

The name Fortis Health has been around since the 1890’s.  To recognize the legacy of the two companies, both Fortis and John Alden are the underwriters of this fairly new venture. 

Assurant And John Alden Health Insurance Company


Assurant Financial has a series of holdings to include Assurance Health.  Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with corporate offices in:                                                         

* Florida * Idaho * Minnesota

As an innovative idea, the company decided to focus their attention on small businesses, groups, and others who would otherwise have high health insurance premiums.   Health reimbursement arrangements, (HRA’s), became an increasingly popular idea because it gives consumers more choices as opposed to the HMO or Health Maintenance Organizations

Some health insurance companies recognize these accounts as Health Reimbursement Accounts.  Employers pay into a designated tax free health account.  As long as the employee’s medical expense qualifies, and the funds are available, then that expense is paid.  People were willing to pay a higher deductible to save on monthly premiums on these types of accounts.   

(HSA’s) Health Savings Accounts Pay Off For John Alden Health Insurance Company

Health Savings Accounts are another type of account that brought over 56,000 people onboard at John Alden Health Insurance Company.  Employees are able to pay into a pre tax health savings account for deductibles, and qualified medical needs.  Employees are also able to choose their health provider with an HSA. 

The premiums are kept to a minimum because it only covers medical expenses.  Of the 56,000 people that applied for John Alden Health Insurance through Assurant Health, 43% had no previous health insurance coverage. 

Products Offered By John Alden Health Insurance Company

John Alden Health Insurance through Assurant Health offers products that are affordable to groups that would otherwise have a hard time maintaining health insurance.  Some of those groups are:  

• Individual and Family

• Small Group

• Short Term Health

• Students

Products offered by Assurant Health are designed to make it affordable by unbundling the services.  Assurant contracts with other services like Medco Pharmacy who provides discount pharmaceuticals to Assurant’s subscribers.  Ancillary services are not covered either.  Some of those ancillary services include:

  1. X-rays

  2. Durable Medical Equipment

  3. Physical Therapy

  4. Speech Therapy

  5. Home Health Care

  6. Transplants

  7. Lab Work

  8. Surgical Services

Plans For Groups, Individuals And Families At John Alden Health Insurance Company

Individuals have the choice of traditional, network, or health savings account plans.  You don’t need a referral to see a specialist.  “Real Choices” is the plan designed for small groups of 2-50 employees.  Tax free HRA’s and HSA’s are available to this group.  “Student Select” is specifically designed for students who are no longer eligible for their parent’s insurance.  Short term options are available for plans needed for less than six months.  Online account management is available to all of John Alden Health Insurance subscribers.

Partners Associated With John Alden Health Insurance Company

Partners associated with John Alden Health Insurance Company through Assurant contracts with other health organizations to make it easier for their subscribers to obtain the services they don’t offer.  Sufferers of common ailments like the flu or virus, or preventive measures like flue shots can be seen at participating health centers like:

  • Health South

  • Redi Clinic

  • Integra Group

  • Minute Clinic

There are partners that offer durable medical equipment, respiratory services and home health services as well. 

John Alden Health Insurance Company Makes It Easy For Agents

Agents are able to offer instant quotes for John Alden Health Insurance Company online facilitated by Assurant Health.  They provide each agency with their own web site and links to get express claim status and underwriting.   They also have personal sales links that give prospective customers access to instant rates.

John Alden Health Insurance Quotes

John Alden Health Insurance is available to almost anyone who is interested.  Now those online quotes can be obtained by the click of a mouse. 

If you want assistance with the information given you can get quick access to the John Alden Health Insurance Company site by clicking on the quote tool at the top of the page.

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