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Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Company

Kaiser health insurance company, also known as Kaiser Permanente, offers health insurance coverage to groups and individuals in selected parts of the country. Kaiser health insurance company is heavily involved in the community and is proud of providing cutting edge healthcare and information to the public.

The History Of Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Company

Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Company originated at the peak of the Great Depression by a young doctor who seized the opportunity to provide health care for workers. Collaborating with another doctor and an insurance agent, the company soon began providing preventive care services and health coverage at a low cost per day. Today, Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Company is the largest nonprofit group-practice health insurance provider in the United States.

The Coverage Area Of Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Company

More than 8.2 million members are served, with coverage areas in Washington, D.C., California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, Oregon, and Washington state.

Kaiser Permanente now includes Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Inc., Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Permanente Medical Groups, and Permanente Dental Associates.

Their plans and offerings are slightly different in each state they offer coverage in, because of differing state laws.

Kaiser Health Insurance Company: Benefits

Kaiser-Permanente prides itself on good service and providing what health care consumers want. Some of what they offer includes:

    1. covered preventative care

    2. ease of access to doctors and hospitals

    3. discounts for healthy living choices

    4. online management of health care options

    5. computerized health records, so different healthcare providers can access everything

    6. a personal team of health care providers, led by a primary care physician

As an integrated health delivery system, Kaiser Permanente offers a variety of health services to its members such as preventive care, prenatal care, immunizations, emergency care, and pharmacy services. Kaiser Permanente’s unique situation as a nonprofit organization means that they strive to meet their members’ needs, not the needs of shareholders. Instead, they invest all resources in the effort of providing reasonably priced, quality health insurance for its members and communities.

The company is also very focused on social matters and community service activities, by way of assisting uninsured populations, training new professionals, introducing new methods to the health care field, etc.

Another benefit of Kaiser Permanente is its value of choice. Members can choose their own physicians and pediatricians, and are able to change to a different doctor at any time if necessary. Doctor-patient relationships are the main idea of Kaiser Permanente, so medical decisions are made through collaboration of patients and physicians.

Kaiser Health Insurance Company: Options

Kaiser health insurance company has a variety of different types of coverage available:

Individual/Family Health Insurance: If you are between jobs, self-employed or just want to save yourself and your family money on health insurance, individual plans are perfect for you. Because group plans consider a variety of health risks and no pre-qualifying underwriting, prices may be higher for comparable group coverage. If you and your family are healthy, an individual policy may be the cheaper and more tailor-made for you.

Medicare Recipient Supplemental Insurance: This is for people who are already covered under Medicare. However, Medicare does not cover all expenses. Therefore, by using the Kaiser Healthcare HMO, you can get good care provided at Kaiser’s facilities, if you live in the service area. If you use non-HMO providers, your regular Medicare will take over. There is also a Medicare Drug Plan available through Kaiser health insurance company.

Group Plans: If you are looking for group coverage to offer as a benefit to your company, Kaiser Permanente has a great variety of options for you. Group health coverage is always a great thing to offer your employees. It increases employee loyalty and decreases turnover.

Health Savings Account (HSA) – Within the various group and individual plans, Kaiser often offers the convenience and economies of a Health Savings Account. A HSA allows you to put away pre-tax dollars in a special savings account. When you need to pay out co-pays, deductibles, over the counter medications, prescriptions and more, you can use this money. It is an effective way to help your healthcare dollar go further.

Kaiser Health Insurance Company: Group And Individual Plans

Kaiser health insurance company offers different plans, depending on where you live. If you are within an area with a Kaiser Permanente medical center, there is a plan for you, if not Kaiser health insurance company still has great options for your health care coverage. Both group and individual coverage offer a variety of plans.

HMO: The Kaiser Permanente Health Maintenance Organization gives you access to their own medical centers, if you live within the service area. The co-payments are pre-set. There are two options in regards to deductibles: you can go with no deductibles and a higher premium or deductibles with a lower premium. The option gives you more choice in making a plan fit your budget and needs.

PPO: The Preferred Provider Organization is specifically for those who do not live in the service area for the company’s medical centers. You have the freedom to choose your health care providers from a list of professionals contracted with Kaiser to provide you with the best care at reduced prices.

POS: The Point of service plan allows for a combination of both the HMO and PPO. You have three different levels of coverage. If you work within the Tier 1 providers and select a Primary Care Physician from there, you will receive the maximum coverage. However, you do have the option to choose providers from the Tier 2 and 3 levels and still receive coverage, just at a lower percentage.

Kaiser Permanente also provides a variety of company health insurance plans for employees of mid-size to large businesses. These plans vary according to specific needs, such as Health Maintenance Organization plans, Preferred Provider Organization plans, and even a Custom Care HealthInvestor plan that provides an investment aspect as well to its plan members. Small businesses are also accommodated by Kaiser Permanente. These insurance plans are not as defined, however, offering customization to the small businesses’ requirements and financial situations.

Kaiser Permanente Low Income Health Insurance Plans

Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Company also makes an effort to assist lower-income and less privileged individuals and families. Some people do not qualify for federal or state insurance programs, yet cannot afford full-priced insurance plans. Kaiser Permanente’s Steps Plan accommodates these situations by way of requiring a reduced monthly rate in exchange for the payment of the balance. This way, eligible members receive an affordable, quality insurance plan through reduced monthly premium payments and co-pay options when claims are made.

Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Company Financial Strength Ratings

Fitch Ratings reports Kaiser Permanente as an “A” with a positive outlook based on credit ratings, financial strength, etc. In California, the company received an “Excellent,” the highest rating, from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), based on reviews from satisfaction surveys, preventive measures, physician credentials, and member services. Kaiser Permanente’s Colorado services were also reviewed by the NCQA, again receiving an “Excellent” rating, based on commercial business, Medicare, and Medicaid. Kaiser Permanente was the first health organization to receive this rating in all three areas.

Overall, Kaiser Permanente is an outstanding health insurance company providing services to businesses and organizations as well as individuals. Because of their nonprofit status, the company is able to focus efforts more on members instead of simply satisfying shareholder interests, as seen in so many large publicly traded organizations.

Their social concern and community service activities also make Kaiser Permanente an admirable organization. The fact that there are a variety of customizable plans and options, as well as accommodation for lower-income individuals and small business situations, makes Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Company an excellent choice of an insurance provider for consumers.

Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Quotes

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