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Metropolitan Health Insurance Company

With rising inflation and increasing medical costs more and more people are becoming uninsured in the United States. Because of this it’s important to find a health insurance company that offers excellent benefits as well as low monthly premiums. In the state of Minnesota, Metropolitan Health Plan has been allowing families and individuals of middle-income to enroll in their health insurance since 1983. This HMO network has had excellent reviews by its customers not only in Minneapolis, but in rural areas of the state as well. This non-profit, state-certified health plan serves in Anoka, Carver, Hennepin, Mower, Polk, and Scott counties and helps the elderly with Medicare as well as children.

Metropolitan Health Insurance Plan’s Cultural Awareness

Metropolitan Health Plan has been helping the community in the state of Minnesota for more than 20 years and it offers quality healthcare for people of different countries. Other than translating plan descriptions to Amharic, Cambodian, Hmong, Laotian, Russian, Somali, Spanish, and Vietnamese, the company offers two outreach programs that have truly helped people of Latin and West African countries to be more knowledgeable of the health insurance industry.

The “Latino Health Outreach Program” was founded in 2004 and it reaches out to the Latino community in workshops and other community events, that help them learn about illnesses and health insurance terms. The “West African Outreach Program” was founded in 2005 and allows West Africans to participate in new cultural awareness programs about issues that affect their community and encourages collaboration with social service groups.

4 Different Plans Available From Metropolitan Health

There are many positive reviews online about the Metropolitan Health Plan and most of them are geared toward the excellent service and degree of their coverage, as well as their low cost. This insurance company offers four main types of Health Plans designed for residents of Minnesota:

  1. Pre-Paid Medical Assistance Program (PMAP) and General Assistance Medicare Care (GAMC): This are state-funded programs for uninsured people that are eligible on the basis of income. Funding for these two services are available through a contract with the Minnesota Department of Human Services.
  2. Minnesota Senior Health Options (MSHO): This is a public demonstration project designed for people that are eligible for medical assistance and Medicare. This plan brings senior citizens a specially trained individual that aids them in coordinating healthcare benefits and community resources, thus ensuring that they receive the care that they need when the time comes.
  3. Minnesota Care: This program was created in 1992 in response to a rise in the cost of living and increase in the number of low-income uninsured families in the state. This plan is funded by premiums of enrolled members, co-payments and state-wide taxes.
  4. Conversion Contracts: These contracts are available to any members that dis-enroll from any of the previous three plans. This allows those members to continue to see providers within the network, with a difference in benefits. The premiums for this plan are paid by each member.

Metropolitan Health Insurance Receives Excellent Reviews

As seen above, the leaders in Minnesota came up with a solution to the rising levels of uninsured people within their state with the creation of a good health plan that gives people benefits for a low cost. The program has generated excellent results and U.S. News and World Report published Metropolitan Health Plan as one of the best health plans in 2006. So if you live in Minnesota and you have not heard of this state-funded insurance program then you can call the state for information or speak with a local agent.

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