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PacifiCare Health Insurance Company

The PacifiCare health insurance company is an insurance company that offers a wide variety of programs to the potential buyer. The programs range from the more specific such as Medicare Advantage and children’s programs to more basic programs that cover the majority of the population. As PacifiCare’s name implies it is based on the Pacific coast. Many of the western states are eligible to be covered under PacifiCare, but many of the southern and eastern states are not. (To view personalized rate quotes from the top health insurance companies in your zip code then use our free tool at the top of the page).

PacifiCare’s Health Insurance Plans

1) PacifiCare Signature Value ( HMO) The main thrust behind PacifiCare Signature Value plan is a focus on preventive care and wellness benefits. Your primary care physician (PCP) is a valued partner in this plan as they know your medical history and are more likely to provide preventative care. Because the Signature Value plan is an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) it allows the purchaser to have minimal paperwork and low, predictable out of pocket expenses. Another advantage is having a predictable co-payment, saving the purchaser from having to guess what kind of payment would be involved in a service.

2) PacifiCare Signature POS The Signature POS is a Point of Service (POS) plan. Basically, this allows the purchaser to have greater flexibility and options. It functions as an HMO in that it provides the same kind of savings you would get in a traditional HMO but it also provides the flexibility of a typical indemnity coverage plan. Within the Signature POS plan there are other options to best meet your lifestyle, like whether to choose an in network or out of network plan. If you choose to go with the in network plan and visit pre-approved doctors the plan would be cheaper.

3) PacifiCare Signature Option The Signature Option plan is a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization). What this means is that there is a wider selection of contracted physicians to choose from. They also offer the option of going to a non-contracted physician, but with a higher co-payment. However, with this particular plan offered by PacifiCare, only employer groups of 51 or more employers are eligible for this program (benefits vary from state to state – to see benefits available in your area from top insurers just enter in your zip code into the free health insurance quote tool at the top of the page).

4) PacifiCare Signature Independence The Signature Independence plan acts a traditional indemnity. This allows the purchaser to go to any doctor or specialist they choose without a referral. With this plan the purchaser is required to meet an annual deductible and pay the plans coinsurance.

5) PacifiCare Signature Freedom As the name implies this PacifiCare plan allows the purchaser greater freedom in directing their options. The Signature Freedom plan is a Self Directed Health Plan (SDHP) meaning that it is PPO based, providing you with a broad network, but it also rewards you with a self directed account (SDA). One benefit of a self directed account is that you can use money in it towards preventative services such as doctor visits. Money not used in the SDA can be rolled over each year for future medical expenses. Any services not covered by the SDA, such as inpatient surgery or an emergency room visit, are paid for like a traditional PPO.

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The PacifiCare health insurance company could be a good choice for those looking to purchase insurance and have different options to choose from within a company. Compare PacifiCare and other top health insurance companies like United Healthcare, Humana, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, UniCare, Golden Rule, Continental General, United American, Kaiser Permanente, Anthem, Celtic and others side by side with our free quote tool. Get a free health insurance quote comparison now!