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Tonik Health Insurance Company

It is not uncommon to see a teenager or a person in their twenties without health insurance. One of the reasons that this is the case is that many younger people have a sense of invincibility that causes them to think that they can go without health insurance coverage. Blue Cross Blue Shield of California recognized this particular way of thinking and has designed the Tonik health insurance plans specifically to challenge this misguided approach to healthcare by the younger generation.

Tonik Health Insurance Available in 6 States

Blue Cross Blue Shield of California formed Tonik Health Insurance in 2004. This brand name referring to a trio (health, vision and dental) of new Blue Cross of California health plans was designed specifically to target people between the ages of 19 to 29 years old. With the slogan of “simple, affordable health insurance,” Tonik has been so successful that they now operate in California, Colorado, Nevada, Georgia, Connecticut and New Hampshire.

Tonik Provides Health, Dental, and Vision

Tonik united health, dental and vision needs for people in their twenties and came up with affordable plans that simply cannot be ignored. In California for example they created three plans all under $110 and decided that anyone under the age of 65 is welcome to apply. All of the plans in the state of California and most of the plans Tonik offers in any state are Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO). With a PPO you have the ability to stay in network and pay a copay fee for doctor visits, physicals and other services, but at the same time you have the ability to go out of network if you so choose to by paying the full price for a visit.

Tonik Offers Low Cost Health Plans

Some of the things that attract young people to Tonik plans have to be the amount of coverage they get for the little money they pay. As said before, this Blue Cross invention covers the needs of having health insurance, so that an emergency doesn’t lead you to debt, any cost associated with vision (contact lenses or glasses) that will help you live a healthy life, and any dental needs that you have from braces to root canals. Tonik also includes prescription coverage, which is fundamental for any young person in case of an illness or virus.

Tonik Health Check Screenings / Tonik Healthy Extensions Program

Two other great services devised to attract young people are the Healthy Check Screenings, which allows member to go to Health Check facilities to get individualized health status reports for $25 to $75 depending on the depth of the screening; and the Healthy Extensions Program that consist of discounts ($10-$50) on services such as teeth whitening, weight loss programs and club memberships. (Note that, one basic service that Tonik fails to give out is that of pregnancy care. If you or anyone you know is thinking of becoming pregnant, Tonik is not for you).

Tonik Has Worked to Reduce the Number of Uninsured

It is estimated that about 78% of people enrolled in Tonik through the six states did not have health insurance before. It is said that about 17 million young adults between the ages of 19 and 34 are uninsured and unfortunately for those that do not reside in any of the states Tonik offers health plans, they will have to remain without Tonik health insurance. For those however that reside in one of the “lucky six” it’s time to look around and see which plan is best for you. After all, Tonik health plans are some of the best in the market for young adults and whichever plan you select, it will be less expensive than almost anything else in the market and it will offer you excellent coverage.

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