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UniCare Health Insurance Company

A subsidiary of California-based WellPoint businesses, UniCare Life and Health Insurance Company provides specialty health care services to its customers throughout the United States. This national company is devoted to providing quality health care plans. Recognizing that the best plan for one customer may not be right for another, Unicare customizes each portfolio of health, pharmaceutical, dental, life, and disability benefits to fit individual needs. In doing so, UniCare’s clients are in total control of their health care plans and finances. UniCare’s sales and account management staff work with clients and their associates to provide tailored benefits that will meet future needs and add value to the health care plan. UniCare’s senior management team includes professionals from health insurance companies, financial services firms, and other Fortune 500 companies.

UniCare operates on the Market Business Unit (MBU) concept, originated by WellPoint, in which each MBU is organized to meet specific customer needs in a specific segment. UniCare strives on providing unique cost control techniques, attractive to employers, as well as client-oriented advantages such as affordability, extensive choices, and sensitivity to employee needs. UniCare’s plans are diverse, offering options to employer groups as well as individual members. Personal choice is highly valued in all plans. For example, an individual needing more care has options to select highly managed health care plans while individuals that are less needy of care can select plans with more personal choice involved, tailored to their own needs.

UniCare also offers a variety of specialty products such as pharmacy, behavioral health, and flexible benefits accounts. In addition, managed financial aspects such as underwriting, actuarial services, and claims processing are available for smaller, self-funded employers. UniCare also provides unique services, one in particular called HealthyExtensions. This program encourages clients to work towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle and offers savings on wellness and alternative health products and services. Several other programs providing prescription drug savings, eyeglasses, hearing aids, gym memberships, etc. are examples of UniCare’s consideration of its senior citizen clients. UniCare takes special consideration of its terminally ill clients with a program specially designed to help manage chronic conditions. Clearly, UniCare has the variety of services to satisfy the diverse needs of consumers.

UniCare’s overall services were given an AA- in terms of financial strength and a stable outlook by Fitch Ratings. Rated “A-” for claims-paying ability, UniCare was also rated by Standard & Poor’s Financial Strength Rating Analysis, receiving an “A+,” and generally considered an excellent reliable insurance provider. UniCare’s parent company, WellPoint was recently ranked first on Fortune magazine’s survey list of industry stars in the health care, insurance, and managed care category. UniCare’s own reputation is a direct reflection of WellPoint’s status, ranked higher than Aetna, UnitedHealth Group, Humana and many others. The Fortune survey ranked all companies based on innovation, people management, use of corporate assets, social responsibility, quality of management, financial soundness, long-term investment, and quality of products and services. WellPoint scored well above its close competitors, indicating that WellPoint and its subsidiaries, such as UniCare Life and Health Insurance Company, are indeed the highest quality insurance and managed care companies available to consumers.