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United American Health Insurance Company

United American (UA) Health Insurance Company was established in 1947 by four employees with the intention of providing life, health, and accident insurance for customers in Texas. In 1966 with the introduction of the Medicare system, the company made a major decision to center their insurance coverage on the health market for individuals, especially seniors. UA Insurance has grown significantly since its earlier days and now functions in 49 states, as well as Washington, D.C. and Canada.

United American Health Insurance Company operates based on four core values: stability, service, quality, and commitment. First, the company excels in meeting the needs of their customers and providing the dependability and support when needed. United American believes that “service is often the distinction between a good and a great company.” In saying this, UA promises to provide excellent customer service and provide a personal relationship with individuals. Next, United American’s quality can be seen through the diverse products they offer: guaranteed renewability, flexible benefits, freedom of choice, and portability, to name a few. Lastly, this company prides themselves on commitment and the long-term goals of its customer.

United American offers a variety of products to its customers with enough options to fit individual needs and personal financial situations. A few examples of UA’s products are Medicare supplements, life insurance, cancer care, long term care, and annuities. United American also works with businesses, labor unions, organizations, etc. to provide health and life insurance coverage for their employees. United American Health Insurance Company is unique in several ways. They offer competitive rates, allowing customers to choose their own physicians and hospitals. Insurance programs can also be modified according to individual needs.

Another benefit of United American Health Insurance is that convenience for their customers is highly valued. An Automatic Payment Plan is offered, which deducts insurance premiums directly from the customer’s bank accounting, saving time and maximizing efficiency in the process. Another program, UA Partners®, is a discount health services program that delivers Medicare claims directly to UA, eliminating paperwork and possible confusion. UA Partners® discount services program also offers savings of 30 to 45% on retail and mail order prescription drugs. This program can be added on to any health or life insurance plan.

In terms of industry ratings, United American Health Insurance Company ranks very highly. According to A.M. Best’s standards, UA received an A+ (Superior) ranking. A.M. Best rates companies for overall stability, meaning that UA is superior to other companies in the industry in terms of being able to meet policyholder obligations on a long-term basis. United American was also rated by Standard & Poor on the basis of financial strength. Receiving an AA rating (Excellent), UA offers outstanding financial security and has the ability to meet obligations under a variety of economic conditions. United American also was ranked in the top 5 insurance providers by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners for its Medicare Supplement Insurance program.

Based on the variety of products offered, as well as the intense focus on customer service, flexibility, and modification of insurance plans, United American Health Insurance Company may very well be an excellent choice for many customers although it should be noted that the majority of United American's health insurance plans are indemnity policy which means that the policy will only pay out a "stated benefit". These plans are not to be considered a full comprehensive major medical health insurance plan and should only be purchased when a major medical insurance plan is not availble for purchase due to health issues or cost. Senior citizens and those with a Medicare program are of special interest, because UA offers many plans that work directly with Medicare and in accordance to senior citizen needs. United American’s impressive ratings on various scales also reflect the quality of the company.

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