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Is it possible to find health insurance for pregnant women?

Is it possible to find health insurance for pregnant women when there is such a drive in the industry on underwriting and cutting risk?  Yes, it is possible to find health insurance for women who are pregnant if you know how to go about it.  There are tips and things you can try to make it possible to find health insurance for women who are pregnant.  Pregnant women find it is a challenge to find possible health insurance because they are considered a risk by the insurance company.  They are a risk because they have what is considered a pre existing condition.

A pre existing condition is a medical condition or situation that lets the insurance company know that a person will need medical care.  In the case of a pregnant woman the insurance company knows they will be paying quite a bit for coverage because having a baby is an expensive medical process.  Therefore, an insurance company is less likely to insure a pregnant woman because their whole goal is to reduce their risk.  However, there are options for women who are pregnant to find health insurance.  It is not a lost cause.

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Health Insurance For Pregnant Women: 2 Main Choices

The two main choices you will have in health insurance are group and individual policies.  Since you will be considered someone with a pre existing condition you will likely face difficulties in getting approved for any insurance plan.  However, there are pros and cons to each option.

Individual or private health insurance is more difficult to obtain for someone with a pre existing condition because every policy is considered on a per case basis.  With group health insurance the total group is evaluated and an average risk assessment is done.  Therefore, even if you have a pre-existing condition like pregnancy, you will likely by accepted regardless. 

With individual insurance, though, you will likely pay due to a pre existing condition.  However, your premiums will usually be lower and your over all costs are going to be lower then with group health insurance.  Usually individual health insurance is the more affordable option, but it is important to understand that is only true when you do not have risk factors, like a pre existing condition.  You should keep this in mind when trying to find health insurance when you are pregnant.

It Is Possible To Find Health Insurance For Pregnant Women Through A Spouse’s Policy

One of the best options for health insurance for a pregnant woman is through her spouse or the father of the baby.  If he is working and has medical coverage through his employer, it is possible that you can get added onto the insurance. However, some insurance plans have specific times in which you can enroll, called open enrollment periods.  You may end up not even being able to get enrolled in the plan until late into your pregnancy, which is no help to you for early pregnancy care.

A spouse or the father of the baby may have insurance that will allow you to be added due to change in circumstances, though.  It is worth checking into because there are benefits to this option.  First of all, the policy is already in effect and already being paid for.  Your premium may increase some, but at least you already have it in your budget to pay for health insurance.  Secondly, you will likely come into the policy after some of the deductible has been paid.  That will mean you have to spend less out of pocket because you will not have to pay a whole deductible up front.

This is a good option and you can easily check into it by having your husband ask at work about adding you to his policy.  If you do qualify then you can be ensured that when the baby is born that he or she will probably have no problem getting onto the policy as well which is always a good thing because your little one is going to need coverage, too.

How To Find Health Insurance After You Become Pregnant

When you have no other options you will need to look into individual coverage.  The perk of individual coverage is that there are a lot of options.  There are some companies that will offer coverage to anyone, but you will have to shop around. 

It can be very difficult to find insurance once you have a doctor’s confirmation that you are pregnant.  To combat this you should start shopping as early into the pregnancy as possible.  You need to understand that sometimes the approval process can take some time and you do not want to be too far along without care. 

You may also find that you can get health insurance, with maternity benefits excluded. This may be the only option offered you. If all fails and you simply can not find any maternity coverage, you may want to go to your state and see what they may be able to offer you.  Many state programs such as Medicaid offer great coverage for pregnant women.  Additionally, you will want to get coverage for your baby once it is born, so be sure to check on that too when you are looking for your own coverage.

Compare Maternity Health Insurance Quotes Now!

The only way to find the best deal on maternity health insurance is to start shopping around.  The best start is getting quotes.  At least once you have some quotes you will know your coverage options and see what companies are most likely to offer you coverage. 

You can use our quote tool to get started quickly.  You can gather quotes from multiple companies and then begin applying for coverage. 

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