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Is there a cost to apply for a health insurance plan?

There are quite a few common misconceptions that people have about health insurance compensation, health insurance costs, health insurance fees and the like. What you should know is that there is usually never a fee to submit a health insurance application but you typically will have to give your billing information or send a check to the insurance company so that if you are approved then they will draft your account. (Note that it is standard practice for many companies to draft your account upon receipt of your application and then if for some reason the application was denied then they would just refund the money back into your account). Keep in mind that your health insurance agent will never receive money from you (so don’t make a check made out to the agent but rather to the insurance company) but instead is compensated in the form of sales commission from the insurance company.

This means that you should almost never have to pay your insurance agent as they are for the most part compensated with commissions from the insurance company. However, there are some advisors that work as fee-only insurance consultants that will charge a fee and still others that typically work on the group employee benefits side of things that may sometimes charge a consulting fee for insurance services. For the most part though you will never have to pay any extra charges to your insurance company or to your agent outside of your monthly premium payments (although some health insurance plans get discounts for their members by requiring their members to pay a small $2 or $3 a month membership fee to join a members association and this amount is typically over and above the monthly premium amount).

Choose to work with an agent that will clearly explain the all of the costs related to your health insurance plan ahead of time and you will be in good shape. To find agents near you and to view quotes from competing health insurance companies side by side simply use our free quote tool at the top of the page or on our home page. Get free health insurance quotes now!