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What are the various government health insurance programs?

If you were to ask someone, “What Are The Various Government Health Insurance Programs”, the first thing they think of is Medicare and Medicaid.  If you were to give just a little more thought to it you will quickly realize that government health insurance programs extend past Medicare and Medicaid. 

Representatives of the government as well as other civilians are also eligible for federally funded health insurance programs.  You would think health insurance plans were exclusive to private plans, but health insurance plans are also part of government health insurance programs.

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What Are The Various Government Health Insurance Programs For Seniors And Some Disabled Adults?

Seniors, people over 65 years of age, and some disabled individuals have access to Medicare.  What may be surprising to some people is that kidney transplant recipients and kidney failure patients on dialysis are also eligible for Medicare.  Medicare recipients have HMO plans and PPO plan options like private health insurance.  These plans require that the recipient use in-network providers or specialist referrals.   

  1.  Medicare part A – Covers Hospitalization.

  2. Medicare Part B – Covers Medical (most include a prescription plan).

  3. Medigap – Supplemental insurance supplied by a private insurance company to pay for expenses that Medicare does not. 

Medicare recipients also have a service for fee plan.  They have the freedom to go to any physician chosen as long as that physician is in enrolled in the Medicare Plan and is accepting new patients. 

What Are The Various Government Health Insurance Programs For Low Income Families?

Medicaid is exclusively for low income individuals and families below a certain income criteria.  As the population of people without health insurance increases, there are more families signing up for SCHIP – State Children Health Insurance Programs.  Low income individuals are signing up for programs

• Medicaid - bears the same name in most states.  Then there are Medicaid based    programs that are statewide with different state appointed names.  Most are    through Heath Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), sponsored    through the Department of Health and Human Services. 

     • SCHIPState regulated programs that bear state given names like:

  1. KidCare of Florida

  2. CHIP of Pennsylvania

  3. F.A.M.I.S of Virginia

  4. SCHIP of Ohio 

  5. MexiKids of New Mexico

  6. Healthy Families of California

What Are The Various Government Health Insurance Programs For Government Employees?

Government employees are considered Federal employees.  They receive an insurance program that is very much like a private insurance program as well.  This program is called the Federal Employees Health Program (FEHP). 

The coverage is by a selection of major health insurance carriers.  The area of coverage varies and you must live in the state where the carrier offers coverage.   

Federal employees may opt for the service for a fee plans, as well.  Federal employees may supplement their Medicare plan with their FEHP plan. 

What Are The Various Government Health Insurance Programs For The Military?

These program assist with healthcare assistance for the military and their families and beneficiaries. 

  1. TriCare/CHAMPUS – for active and retired military and their families and/or beneficiaries.

  2. CHAMPVA – program through the Veteran’s Administration (VA), for eligible Veterans and their families and beneficiaries.

  3. VA – for eligible Veterans through the VA.

What Are The Various Government Health Insurance Programs For Government Legislators And The President?

It turns out the President of the United States and members of Congress receive free health insurance.  There are some like the AFL CIO, who believe that if the President and Congress can receive free health insurance, then the American people should receive free health insurance.

What Are The Various Government Health Insurance Programs For Native Americans?

Native American Indians and Alaskan Natives have only one program as well.  The program is called Insurance Health Service (IHS).  This program is administered through the Dept. of Health and Human Services.   This program was made available by the 1988 Indian Health Care Improvement Act.  It’s available regardless of income and it may be supplemented by another plan. 

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We should all be aware of the health insurance programs our tax dollars pay for.  That way when we make the argument for national health care as a nation we can build from the knowledge acquired about federally funded plans. 

So the next time someone asks “What Are The Various Government Health Insurance Programs?” you can actually direct them to this site and instruct them to use the quote tool at the top of the page to compare quotes and read the information first hand.

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