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What happens with my health insurance benefits if I am fired or I lose my job?

Great question! There is no need to worry are there are laws in place to protect people in your situation. If you are leaving a company that has 20 or more employees then your company must abide by the COBRA health insurance laws. If this is you then the important thing to know is that you will be offered COBRA group continuation coverage for a set period of time. (Also read: COBRA health insurance).

At the end of the COBRA term then if you are unable to get an individual health insurance plan due to health problems then you may be eligible for a guaranteed issue HIPAA individual health insurance plan (if you are from a company with less than 20 employees [and were never offered COBRA coverage in the first place] and have major health problems such that you cannot get individual health coverage then you may be eligible for a HIPAA plan (read: HIPAA health insurance).

So that is usually what happens with your health benefits if you are fired or you leave you employer. Keep in mind that group health benefits will be approximately 2-3 times the cost of similar individual health benefits. The only catch is that you must be somewhat healthy in order to be approved for an individual health insurance plan (unless you are HIPAA eligible) so plan accordingly.

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