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What is CHIP health insurance?

What is CHIP health insurance? CHIP (sometimes referred to as SCHIP) is a State administered and Federally sponsored program that insures children.

Having medical coverage for your child is important.  You want to know they are protected should they become sick or otherwise need medical care.  That is what CHIP health insurance is for.  You can get coverage that is affordable and, in some cases, free through the program so that you know your child is covered. 

Learning what is CHIP health insurance will help you see what it can offer your child and how it is a great deal for you.  CHIP health insurance is what you can use if you have no other option in health insurance for your child.  CHIP health insurance is a great option that you should check into so you can see how to provide for your child’s medical needs. What is CHIP health insurance but a valuable tool that every family without health insurance should know about.

CHIP Health Insurance: Basics

CHIP stands for Children’s Health Insurance Program.  CHIP health insurance is a state sponsored program to provide health insurance coverage for children and teens up to the age of 19 who have no other health insurance coverage.

Even though it is run by the state, the coverage is secured through private companies that offer the CHIP program.  You will have to search for companies that offer CHIP health insurance in your area. 

In order to be accepted to the CHIP health insurance program you will have to meet certain qualifications, including, income guidelines, age requirements and prove your child has no other coverage options.  Once you receive CHIP health insurance, coverage is guaranteed for 12 months.

CHIP Health Insurance: Types Of Plans Offered

The CHIP health insurance program has three options for coverage.  You will not get to choose the type of plan because it is based upon your income.  If you qualify for the program you will either get free, low cost, or at cost coverage for your child. 

Under the free program your income must be at 200% federal poverty guidelines.  For the low cost and at cost programs you will have different income guidelines, but you will also have to have had no health insurance coverage for the previous 6 months.  The exceptions to that requirement are if the child is under the age of 2, the reason for loss of coverage was due to loss of employment or loss of government coverage.

 Keep in mind that these requirements do vary from state to state so be sure and speak with a representative from your state or with a local health insurance agent that is familiar with the CHIP program in your state.

CHIP Health Insurance: Qualifications

The qualifications for the CHIP health insurance program vary according to where you live, but in general the following qualifications apply in order to get approval for the program:

  1. family size and income

  2. have no other health insurance coverage

  3. not eligible for other health insurance coverage

  4. under the age of 19

  5. US citizen or legal alien or immigrant

  6. resident of the state

If you meet the general requirements you will then be qualified for a CHIP health insurance program based upon your income.  It is important to note with CHIP that pre existing conditions do not disqualify a child for coverage.  There are no underwriting requirements.  That makes CHIP health insurance a perfect option for children with medical conditions that can not find coverage elsewhere.

CHIP Health Insurance: Benefits

CHIP health insurance offers a range of coverage for a child.  This includes regular care, immunizations, check ups, prescriptions and dental care.  CHIP health insurance also covers special areas like:

  1. Maternity care

  2. Mental health care

  3. 90 days of hospitalization per year

  4. Medical equipment

  5. Substance abuse treatment

  6. Rehabilitation

  7. Home health care

Almost any medical coverage your child needs will be found through CHIP health insurance.  This makes it, not only and affordable option, but also a viable option that will ensure your child has the medical coverage that he or she needs and that you can afford no matter what your budget may be.

CHIP Health Insurance: Get A Quote Now

CHIP is only administered through the state.  Private companies actually handle the insurance issuance, so you need to shop around and find companies that provide CHIP health insurance. 

The best way to do that is to use our quote tool to find providers that offer the coverage in your area.  Once you get quotes you can apply and get the medical coverage that your child needs to stay healthy and happy.

Find out what CHIP health insurance is able to do for your family – get a quote now with our online quote tool above and find out! Get started comparing health insurance options now!